Smudge is one of the most powerful ancient tools used to clear or cleanse negative energy. Smudging is traditionally done with sage, however there are many other herbs that can be just as beneficial in smudging as sage.  Any time we open our self to energy transfer, we must be sure that negative energy is cleared from the area.


Being positive and full of love is very important before you begin your blessing your faith and belief in religion is not key, your faith and belief in yourself is most important. You do have power and have nothing to fear. Understand we are all made of energy and light and if your intentions are to rid a home, a person or an object of negative energies and spirits, that very negative energy is alive and will know your intention to move it on, so it is important that you are not afraid and are very firm with your actions. Always work with your own energy from within your soul and incorporate this energy into the cleansing.

Drawing a divine power from within your innermost being, your sprit and through the powerful energy and blessings given to the smudge stick will lead to a successful smudging session. Always be firm, non-fearing, positive and deal with negative spirits strongly, yet with love and understanding. You are always in control.


Always start your smudge by paying respects to the six (6) directions, North, South, West, East, up and down (yes even down). You can do this by simply facing in each of the directions, raising your smoldering stick out in front of you and above the height of your face. Acknowledge each direction (you can say “to the North, to the South etc.) for at least one second starting with North, South, West, East, then face North and acknowledge up and down.  Once you are done, you are ready to start your smudge.


Before you smudge anyone or anything, you should smudge yourself. We recommend you perform this outside unless the weather does not allow for you to be outside. You can do this by bringing the smoke to you and rolling it in swirls over your head, shoulders and around your body. Send the smoke away with a feather or if you don’t have a feather you can simply use your hand.


If you want to cleanse your home, be sure that each room is ventilated because the smoke carrying the negative energy must have an escape route. We always crack one window in each room as we go through the house and then close them after the smoke exits before going to another room or area.

To cleanse a room or house, carry in the lit smudge stick and start at the center of the house and/or room (you would start each room this way if you are doing an entire house) and start your smudge in the center. Always start with a solid blowing on the stick to start a strong smoke and allow the smoke to float up. Then proceed clockwise around the entire house and in each room.

You can blow an easy breath to push the smoke into the different areas of each room and objects in each room. You can also use your hand to move the smoke in each room or use a Smudging Wand made with bird feathers to spread the smoke in the room. If you do this, you will either place the smudge in the bowl, on the plate or in the shell. Make sure you smudge in the corners and behind doors. If you want to cleanse a piece of furniture or any area you feel carries more negative energy, be sure to smudge heavily in that specific area.



When cleansing an object it should be done outside of the home. If the object is too large to take outside, you can do a cleansing in the home.

Start the smudge by paying respect to the six directions and then start on your smudge on the object. Depending on the size of the object, you want to start in the center as best you can and then move clockwise around the object and up and down as you move clockwise. If the object is small you can just wave the smoke onto the object and all around it.

Take your time and remember there is no specific time limit to cleanse an object, once you’ve cleansed the entire object and you feel positive about your cleanse, you essentially are done.

If you want to assure your cleansing was successful, you can always conduct another smudging of the object (Note that you don’t have to conduct another “Pay Respect” ceremony.


Once again it is best to do a cleansing of a person outside and not in the home and remember to take special precaution that hot embers don’t land on the person.

Start by conducting a Pay Respect ceremony and have the person face north. Looking into the eyes of the person for a moment to “greet” them, fan the smoke first at their heart and then up to the right side (your left) of the person’s head, moving around clockwise, gently washing their upper body at the shoulder and head with the smoke.

Once you’ve made a full circle around the person and are back to the front, continue down their right (your left) shoulder and the length of their arm and back up again to the shoulder. Wash the smoke down the right side of the torso, right leg and foot.

Move to the backside and wash the smoke down the full of their back, buttocks’ and the back of both legs. Then wash the smoke as you go back up the legs, buttocks’ and full of their back.

Move to their left side continue down their left shoulder and the length of their arm and back up again to the shoulder. Wash the smoke down the left side of the torso, right leg and foot.

Once done with the right side, move back to the front of the person and conduct one last wash of smoke over their heart and head. Once you’ve completed this you are essentially done.


Please be sure to take all the normal precautions to prevent an unwanted fire, burn marks or burn holes in furniture.  Please use common sense and don’t smudge directly on delicate linens, paper or any type of material that can burn or start to burn from any possible hot embers that could fall from the smudge stick.

If you need help with this process or have any questions, please feel free to call or send us an email.

March 17, 2020 — A J