One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between the drilled and undrilled Yoni Eggs? 

Most women prefer a drilled yoni egg because you can attach a string (dental floss, natural hemp or our yoni egg string) to have control of your yoni egg. Think of it like wearing a tampon; when your ready to remove your yoni egg, you gently pull the string and out comes your yoni egg. You can also use a string to do exercises with your yoni egg.  

Drilled Yoni Eggs:

  • Use a string for kegel exercises with your yoni egg. We love the exercise "tug of love." Gently tug the string and try to pull your yoni egg out while using your muscles to clamp and pull the yoni egg back in. Like playing tug-of-war with your yoni! Great strength building exercise. 
  • A lot of women have issues with trust and letting go. The fear of losing the yoni egg inside the vaginal canal can cause anxiety for some women. Having the string available is a great way to build trust with your yoni. 
  • Erotic reflexology! Women have many reflexology points inside their yonis; use a string to stimulate these points by playing a slow and gentler version of the "tug of love" exercise. 

Undrilled Yoni Egg:

  • With no string, removal happens by pushing the yoni egg out with your vaginal muscles. You can also squat to get her out. 
  • Great for meditating and spiritual practice. 
  • Perfect for women who do not want the extra step of cleaning the hole. 
  • Great for trust building and letting go (you are not in control, your yoni is!)