How Yoni Eggs Work

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are polished semi-precious gemstones carved into the shape of an egg. They are inserted into the vagina during kegel exercises to help strengthen the vaginal muscles, revitalize ones intimate space, and tone the entire pelvic floor, returning the vagina back to it's youthful state. In addition, yoni eggs are used internally during meditation to help women connect to their wombs and awaken their powerful feminine energy to literally manifest their dreams and desires!

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are the only natural, holistic, non-synthetic product to work ones intimate muscles. They are a non-porous, hygienic alternative to stainless steel ben wa balls and plastic pelvic floor exercisers.

Women are always asking, do yoni eggs work?  The answer is YES, and here is why...

Everyone has heard of kegel exercises, and it's fair to say that these exercises do work - when done correctly. The regular kegel workouts that are embraced and understood by women today ignore some of the most vital components of vaginal strengthening techniques. This is why the ancient wisdom of yoni eggs, passed down over centuries, is so important for modern day women. Imagine trying to enhance the muscles in your arms; you wouldn't simply flex your biceps and expect to achieve the perfect physique - it's the same concept with regular kegels. You cannot simply flex the muscles in your vagina and expect to experience the full scope of the strength you could achieve with a yoni egg.

Sacred Nourishment for Women

Muscles are trained into strength through resistance and the use of weights - regular kegels will only minimally (or not at all)  strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vagina. When you utilize a Gemstone Yoni Egg and then do kegel exercises, you're entering into a whole new realm of power. With yoni eggs, you are essentially engaging in vaginal strength training, ensuring your muscles work harder and grow stronger, creating a subtle, strong, and nourished vagina. 

Gemstone yoni eggs works with the muscles inside your vagina through a series of contractions and releases. With yoni eggs, your vaginal muscles have to work to keep the egg inside by closing and constricting around it, lifting and releasing it, without the egg falling out. Depending on size, yoni eggs are slightly weighted to add the perfect amount of resistance. Weights can also be added to our drilled yoni eggs for a powerful vaginal weight lifting session as well.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are like your very own personal trainer for your lady bits!

You might find that after as little as a few short weeks doing daily exercises, you begin to notice the dramatic changes in your vagina - regardless of what age you are. Exercising the yoni is just as important to your well being as working out at the gym, eating a healthy diet and it's safe to say that the benefits are limitless.

Over time, you can even choose to add weights to the eggs and increase your strength, to the point where you could find that you are able to lift several pounds of weight with only your vaginal muscles! The best part - you're increasing the sensitivity of your vagina, creating more vitality and a  more alive environment within your most sacred space. Within a week, yoni egg exercises could enhance the sexual pleasure and potency of any women (and man) lucky enough to know about them.