We invite you to step into our world of personal transformation. Delve into the powers of pure organic certified crystals to physically and spiritually nourish yourself.  We're happy to say, Gemstone Yoni is the worlds leading provider of vibrant crystal Yoni, Pleasure & Beauty Gems. We're a purpose driven brand dedicated to "spiritually nourishing women" by providing the highest quality, GIA Certified Yoni Gems to women all over the globe.

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What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs are highly polished semi-precious gemstones carved especially for the female Yoni (vagina). These exquisitely carved gemstone ‘eggs’ are inserted into the vagina to strengthen the vaginal muscles, revitalize a woman's intimate space and increase her sexual energy, creating a more juicy, desirable you!

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Creating Your Sexual Energy Altar

Creating Your Sexual Energy Altar

A sexual energy altar is a sacred space where your sexual desires are represented in the physical realm. It is a space where you can work with your sexual energy cultivation through self-pleasure and self-love.
November 13, 2019 by A J
I set boundaries to respect myself

I set boundaries to respect myself

What we sometimes forget, is how important it is to set healthy boundaries with ourselves.
October 24, 2019 by A J
Yoni Conversation Starters: Get to know the energy of YOUR YONI

Yoni Conversation Starters: Get to know the energy of YOUR YONI

When was the last time you asked your yoni out for a cup of coffee and a chat?
October 09, 2019 by A J

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