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Our yoni eggs are intended to improve the feminine power and health of the women who buy them. Because of this, we commit ourselves to producing the most authentic yoni eggs of the finest semi-precious quality. After all, our customers deserve nothing less!

Based in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, Gemstone Yoni Eggs is a small business run by a team of two sisters who collaborate with distributors all over the world.

Whenever possible, Gemstone Yoni Eggs gets out of the office to talk directly with business owners at festivals, health shows and conferences. They also work closely with medical professionals, yoga instructors, and spiritual teachers with the same goal: to offer women a superior choice for their physical and spiritual health.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs produces the most authentic yoni eggs of the finest semi-precious quality. There is no middle man, no communication problems and no compromise when it comes to producing the worlds best yoni eggs!

We believe that as our customer, you deserve complete transparency when it comes to knowing all the details of an item intended to enhance women's health. 

Because of this, we settle for nothing less than completely natural, energetically charged, entirely authentic gemstones, for an experience that is perfect for connecting you to the true power of your feminine energy.

We direct a dedicated focus towards quality, authenticity, and good vibes with every yoni egg we sell. 

Today, women can purchase yoni eggs from sellers all around the world, but most of the time, it is impossible to know all of the details about the manufacturing process from these businesses. We are one of the very first legitimate yoni egg dealers on the internet and in the USA, and we pride ourselves on delivering perfection with every yoni egg we produce.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are never enhanced or altered in any way. We have a simple, traditional way of making our yoni eggs: cut, shape, tumble...that's it!

During the tumbling process, a very small amount of food-grade wax (carnauba palm trees produce a natural food-grade wax used to coat produce, candy, dental floss, etc and is 100% safe and hypoallergenic) is used to help give our yoni eggs their signature silky smoothness. In addition, our gemstone yoni eggs are non-porous, so the wax is not able to penetrate any part of the stone; it simply sits on the surface and washes right off with hot soapy water.

How our Gemstone Yoni Eggs are Made:

  1. We start with ordering large pieces of raw semi-precious gemstone from various parts of the world.
  2. The large slabs of raw gemstone are then cut and chiseled into cube shapes by hand.
  3. The gemstone cubes are then shaped into a desired rough form, called a preform. This is done with a sanding machine which is carefully hand operated by our lapidary specialist. Water is used during the process to keep the stone from overheating. One by one, our gemstone yoni eggs are made.
  4. The eggs are now shaped into their desired form, in various sizes, and then tumbled in a rotating tumbling barrel for a few hours to a few days, depending on the stone (some are drilled at this point). After they are perfectly smooth and silky, they are packaged and shipped to our office in Boulder, CO.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs is your Trusted Yoni Egg supplier, offering you Pure, Safe, Raw Earth Energy that you Deserve.

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