Yo•ni (yōˈnē)►
Hinduism A stylized representation of a vagina worshiped as a symbol of a goddess or Shakti.

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs are highly polished semi-precious gemstones carved especially for the female Yoni.  All Gemstone Yoni Eggs are created from organic GIA Certified semi­precious gemstones, these exquisitely carved gemstone ‘eggs’ are inserted into the vagina to strengthen the vaginal muscles, revitalize a woman's intimate space and increase her sexual energy, creating a more juicy, desirable YOU! Honor the goddess in you our best selling Certified Jade Egg.

What are Crystal Sex Toys? 

Crystal Sex Toys are highly polished semi-precious gemstones carved especially for sacred sexplay, for both men and women. Just like our Yoni Eggs, Our Crystal Sex Toys are carved from the same GIA Certified semi-precious gemstone. Whether you're looking for a dildo, g-spot wand, curved wand, anal plugs or beads, you're sure to awaken higher levels of consciousness and transform your intimate time with one of our sacred sex toys. 

Why Gemstone Yoni?

Many people ask us "why Gemstone Yoni?" Gemstone Yoni is the worlds leading provider of GIA Certified Yoni Gems. Started in 2015, Gemstone Yoni was one of the first Yoni Gem suppliers in the world! Gemstone Yoni is a positive-driven brand dedicated to spiritually nourishing women and men with holistic, pure, energy-dense Yoni Gems. "Our goal has always been empowerment and we are honored to provide women and men with the tools to help them blossom into their sexual and spiritual selves."

 Multi-Orgasmic Goddess

Through your chosen Gemstone Yoni ritual, sexual pleasure may be increased as your vagina strengthens and awakens, revealing the juicy and orgasmic nature of every Yoni. To enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner, experience orgasmic heights with one of our semi-precious Crystal Dildos or a sensual Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.


Which Yoni Egg is right for me?

 For centuries, women have secretly harnessed the distinct energies of Yoni Eggs to enhance their sexual pleasure, ease menstrual pain, replenish energy and prepare for motherhood. Whether you are an elder, a mother or a maiden, your chosen Gemstone Yoni Egg ritual may aid in physical healing, manifestation and spiritual nourishment. Click over to our guides, Metaphysical Guide and Yoni Egg size guide.

Crystal healing

All gemstones carry a distinct frequency with unique energetic properties.  Discover the energetic properties and healing magic of our Yoni Gems though our metaphysical guide. Ease tension with Amethyst, raise sexual energy with Rose Quartz, or create a manifesting ritual with Jade.  You can also enjoy a personally designed magical bundle of Yoni Gems to meet your specific needs and desires.

Journey into motherhood

Research has shown that a toned pelvic floor may reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, ease labor pain, and prevent common postpartum issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and uterine misalignment. For pregnancy preparation and recovery from childbirth, we recommend pelvic floor exercises using one of our large yoni eggs.  Motherhood is sacred, dealing with a painful yoni isn't! 

Healthy Moontime

A monthly moontime is a sign of womanhood and an indicator of a woman’s health.  Here at Gemstone Yoni we recognize that while menstrual cycles are healthy and natural, they may bring about a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.  If you are one who experiences longer than normal bleeding, menstrual cramps, irritability or fatigue, regular Gemstone Yoni Egg exercises can help. If you experience moontime pain and tension, we suggest you try a regular yoga practice while using your Yoni Egg (yoni yoga). Each Yoni Egg purchase comes with an exercise guide. Many women have experienced relief as soon as their next moontime with a dedicated practice.

Erotic Reflexology

Taoist Sexologists assert that the most intense and powerful reflexology points are found in the sex organs.  Your ritual use of Yoni Gems massages the acupressure points inside your yoni. When these reflexology points are stimulated and awakened, you may begin to experience multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy...all while sending healing energy to the various organs throughout your body!

Orgasmic Manifestation

Historically, the sexual organs of women were venerated and regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth. To have a Yoni is a reason to celebrate!  Every human being has roots in the womb of the feminine, making the womb the logical domain for a woman's source of creative power. To give birth through the power of the womb is unique to women, and eloquently describes this sacred manifesting source within you that waits to be tapped.  Activate and claim your womb power with one of our Yoni Gems and experience the power of your yoni to birth new ideas, projects and businesses! 

Yoni Yoga

Yoni Yoga is a gentle yoga sequence that benefits a woman's most sacred space, her womb. Practicing Yoga while gently exercising the yoni is a holistic way to improve pelvic floor dysfunction, become more orgasmic through the strengthening of the womb and bring about a deeper connection with the feminine spiritual energies.  Purchase a Gemstone Yoni Egg through us, and we’ll send you our Yoni Yoga eBook for free!

Womb Cleansing

Whether it be from miscarriage, disease, abortion or sexual abuse, Yoni Gems work as little energy healers to help women transform stored trauma and spiritually renew their womb space and hearts. To experience a gentle and effective, private healing session, use an Obsidian Yoni Gem ritual to absorb and cleanse womb trauma followed by Rose Quartz to infuse love and bliss into your heart chakra.  Bring back the pleasure that is the gift of a healthy womb space.