Exercise vaginal muscles: 
The most common use of the yoni egg or jade egg is strengthening vaginal muscles through kegels.  Simply insert your yoni egg and begin kegel exercise.  

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 Use the yoni crystal to meditate, hold her in your hands, inside your vagina, on top of your womb or where ever you feel she is needed.  Begin to relax, clear your mind and connect with your spiritual self.  Let the energies flow through your yoni egg and yourself.  
 Yoni breathing:
The practice of connecting with your yoni and sexual energy.  Insert your yoni egg into your vagina or hold your yoni egg on your womb, begin to inhale and exhale with your mind and body focused on your yoni.  At the same time you inhale squeeze your vaginal muscles, on the exhale release your vaginal muscles.  Be sure to be in sync with your squeezes and breathes.  Use this time to focus on you, your body, sexual energy and bringing out your feminine side.