Gemstone Yoni is a leading provider of Yoni Gemstones. We're a purpose driven brand dedicated to "spiritually nourishing women" through crystal wellness by providing the highest quality certified; yoni eggs, crystal sex toys, beauty tools and feminine care products to women all over the globe.
Founded in 2015, by Alexis after she discovered the power of crystal wellness.  As Alexis dove deeper into crystals she became more in tune, more empowered and more awakened. She allowed the crystals to help her transform her life for the better, so Alexis quickly made it her mission to supply other women the chance at life changing gems too.
Wellness is a meaning that goes beyond the products in our shop; it comes from how we live our lives. Based out of San Clemente, California, Gemstone Yoni was built with one thing in mind; providing women a safe holistic approach to wellness through the power of crystals. We work with people all over the world sourcing nothing but the finest vibrant raw materials.  
At Gemstone Yoni we want you to feel deeply empowered, vibrant and in tune in your own skin. As women become more awakened with their self, they bring up new levels of pleasure; they reach hidden depths of their health and beauty, leaving them fully transformed.
We're excited to invite you to step into our world of personal transformation.  Rediscover your inner being while you create a balance and harmony filling everyday with positive energy.