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  • Properties: protection, purification, divine connection, release of addictions, energy, balance, calm, emotions, anxiety.
  • Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It can be used as an aid to overcome addictions and bad habits. It can be used to assist one in quitting smoking, drinking, eating disorders, and drug use.

It stimulates the crown chakra and is an aid to meditation, helping one to still one's thoughts and move into  higher states of consciousness. It can clear ones energy field of negative influences and attachments, and can thereby facilitate the creation of an energetic "shield" - a field of spiritual light around the body that wards off negativity in ones environment. 

Amethyst yoni eggs can bring the feeling that one is surrounded and protected by a "bubble of light." If one is ill, simply placing an amethyst specimen (yoni egg or stone) in ones room can keep ones healing space clear. Wearing an amethyst yoni egg maintains the inner space of ones body and energy filed in a state of balance, calm, and well-being.

Black Obsidian:

  • Properties: psychic protection, grounding, cleansing, clearing, spirit communication, healing, renewal. 
  • Chakra: Root

    Black obsidian yoni eggs eliminates negative energies and blockages in oneself and ones environment. It's like a psychic vacuum cleaner, cleansing the auric field of disharmony, negative attachments, astral "junk," as well as ones own anger, greed, fear, resentment, etc.

    It's a strong grounding stone stimulating the root chakra and also a strong stone for spiritual protection. In addition, it helps bring one's own shadow material out of exile. allowing it to be transmuted through the heart. It aids in recalling the exiled bits from the unconscious, even from past lives. 

    Obsidian yoni eggs are a great aid to healing the body and soul as well as a woman's womb by releasing past problems from sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, abortion and bad decisions.. Think of it as a sponge soaking up all your traumas, regrets, bad decisions, etc.

    Obsidian yoni eggs are great to have in your collection for working with the spirit world and are highly protective with strong metaphysical properties keeping you grounded and safe.

    Always do a good purifying cleanse after working with obsidian. 


    • Properties: strength, courage, purification, vitality, detoxification, zest for life, dispelling negative energies, entering Christ consciousness.
    • Chakra: Root

    Bloodstone yoni eggs are a great purifier, a healing tool for dispelling negative influences from the auric field and bringing ones subtle energies into wholeness and balance. It grounds one fully in the body, for the enhancement of ones strength, determination and courage. Bloodstone yoni eggs increases vitality and can aid one in facing physical morality.

    Bloodstone yoni eggs are a good talisman for those who are ill, even if curing the illness is not possible, because of it's power to let one look unflinchingly at the truth.

    Bloodstone is a stone of noble sacrifice, and it can offer courage and solace. It can elicit the highest, most altruistic character traits in whoever carries or wears it. At it's most effective, it stimulates the urge towards Christ consciousness.

    In the middle ages, the red spots in bloodstone were thought to be Christs blood because when he was crucified, his blood fell upon the beautiful green stone stone, staining it with red spots from Christs blood. Magical powers were attributed to bloodstone and still to this day it's a powerful healer.

    Blue Agate:

    • Properties: Communication, clarity, confidence. Calms emotional body, aids confidence in communication, helpful for releasing negative habits. Helps one communicate one's deepest truth.
    • Chakra: Throat.

    Blue Agate is beneficial for those who have difficulty making themselves heard by others, or who wish become more articulate in their speech. It helps one "find the words" to share one's highest truth and it assists one in building the confidence necessary to stand up and speak it in all situations. It helps instill clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regard to the ideals and goals that matter the most. It is a stone for enhancement of loyalty and trustworthiness.

    For those working with affirmations, Blue Agate can be an excellent tool, because it strengthens the throat chakra and amplifies the power of what comes through it.

    Blue Quartz:

    • Properties: Divine inspiration, psychic ability, inner guidance, enhanced learning capability, mental discipline.
    • Chakras: Throat, Third eye

    Blue Quartz opens the doors of insight, activating the throat and third eye chakra by assisting one in making the mental leaps nessaccary for transcending difficiulties and solving problems. It enhances all mental abilities - linguistic, mathmetical, abstract, etc. as well as "emotional intelligence." It activates the latent psychic abilities and stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. In gifted individuals, it can instill the gift of prophetic vision. It can even facilitate the building of skills in psychometry and psychokinesis.

    Blue Quartz is a strong stone of mental discpline and is capable of enhancing one's willpower in regard to learning. It aids in memory retention and in the mental manipulation of concepts necessary to bring forward a new synthesis of ideas. Because of it's stimulation of the mental and psychic powers, blue quartz is ideal for those who work in areas such as astrology and tarot.

    Blue Quartz is also said to be a soothing and calming stone, bringing a relaxing, peaceful vibe to any situation. Blue Quartz enhances organizational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness by balancing the Throat Chakra and enhancing communication between upper and lower Chakras. Using blue quartz also helps to improve one's communication skills, including not only communication with others, but also communication from the higher self into the 3D self. 


    • Properties: vitality, courage, sexuality, passion, power, confidence, action, strength, growth, assertiveness, boldness. 
    • Chakras: Heart, Sacral

    Carnelian yoni eggs activates the first and second chakras bringing in an influx of life-force, sexual and creative energies, and assertive will. It is a powerful aid to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion, and power. Carnelian yoni eggs are a stone of physical vitality and energy, and can act spiritually to help one regain ones strength after illness, injury or childbirth.

    Carrying or wearing it can aid in awakening the vital energies of the three lower chakras, increasing zest for living and the willingness to take risks inherent in all strong actions.

    Carnelian is a great yoni egg to work with for those looking to cultivate feminine and sexual energy by infusing sexual energy to it's wearer and helps one's confidence and boldness during intimacy. It's a wonderful stone for lovers!

    Carnelian is also a very supportive stone for one's decisions and life choices; she's like a best friend to her owner. Carnelian yoni eggs blends it's supportive energies well with all other varieties of quartz and jaspers as well. Combining her with rose quartz, quartz and amethyst can bring about the harmonious activation of all seven chakras, for example.

    Desert Jasper:

    • Properties: Grounding mental energies: discipline and perseverance; slow, steady healing. Insomnia aid and other sleep disorders, supports general health.
    • Chakra: All

    Desert Jasper preforms the task of helping one attend to the mundane details of lift with efficiency and good humor. It grounds one firmly in the body and focuses the mental energies on dealing with whatever issues and duties are most significant at the time. It helps prevent procrastination and insists one in making coherent plans for the future. It encourages ones outlook on life by cutting difficulties down to size. 

    Fire Quartz:

    • Properties: Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical, protect the body from toxic energies, amplification of ones intentions, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, clarity, communication, memory.
    • Chakra: Root

    Fire Quartz is among the most effective stones for grounding oneself in the body and the physical world. It can counteract spaciness and confusion, helping one to see practical concerns and move forward with useful action. Fire Quartz can be used to balance auric field and align the chakras. It pulls stray energies down through the meridian system to the root chakra.

    Manifestation is one of the most common problems for spiritually oriented people. Many do not realize that it is not enough to travel to the higher realms and experience expanded awareness. One goal, perhaps the primary one of human evolution, is to bring teh energies of the etheric realms into manifestation here in the physical plane. Fire Quartz is an ideal tool in this work. Carrying or wearing Fire Quartz, in addition to using it for massage can assist one in bringing ones dreams and aspirations into reality and in learning the difference between a true vision and fantasy.

    Green Adventurine:

    • Premier stone to attract love, abundance and success. Attracts money, love and wealth and is known as the stone as "personal growth."
    • Chakra: Heart

    Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can even help attract love later in life.  It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and/or success.  Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through or on unresolved emotional issues.

    Green Aventurine is a great piece to use when working with the Heart Chakra and/or the element of water. Green Aventurine is known as the good luck stone and is often used in rituals with green candles, or kept in cash boxes or drawers to attract money or wealth. You can also use Green Aventurine for gridding a home, office, or workspace. 

    Green Aventurine is commonly known as a “stone of personal growth”, and offers opportunities for learning about oneself and for learning about one's place in the universe. Physically, Green Aventurine is an all around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and even the heart.

    Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy clogs, including disease.  Some wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and/or creativity.  Some have even been known to use Green Aventurine to improve their eyesight!

    Green Jadeite:

    • Harmony, protection, health aid, wellness, amplifies the body's natural self-healing capacity.
    • Chakra: Heart, Root 

    Green Jadeite is a stone of heath and protection said to encourage longevity and amplify the bodies natural self healing.  

    By absorbing negative energies Jadeite brings out more brilliance and brightness into ones life.  Jadeite is also a symbol of love and virtue by opening ones heart and readiness for love.  


    • Magic, protection, amplifies the effects of healing, prayers and affirmations. Enhances psychic ability: increases capacity to perceive with the inner eye; useful for magic, ritual, and psychic protection. 
    • Chakra: Third Eye, Throat.

    Labradorite is the gemstone of magic and it awakens in those who carry or wear it. The mental and intuitive abilities which include but are not limited to clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy, psychic reading, access to Akashic records, past life recall, communication with higher guides and spirits. It enhances "coincidence control" - the practice of increasing the observed degree of synchronicity and serendipity in ones life.

    It is an interdimensional stone, emanating an energy which helps one to consciously pierce the veil between our waking world and the many domains and planes of inner awareness. It is a gemstone of adventure, for it offers one the chance to embark upon a multitude of voyages in the inner realms, as well as increasing one's power to magically affect the outer world. Placed on the third eye in meditation, Labradorite can facilitate visionary experiences of the future, the past, and the many inner domains of time and timelessness.

    Lavender Jadeite:

    • Properties: Humor, happiness, innocence, spiritual knowledge, attunement, dreams, visions, soothing, protective, stress relief.
    • Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

    Jade is one of the toughest stones on the planet due to it's finely interlocked and strongly bonded crystal structures. Lavender Jadeite yoni eggs fills one with mirth and happiness. She enhances dreams and visions and helps regulate the auric field. She is soothing to the nervous system and helps alleviate symptoms brought on by stress.

    Lavender Jadeite yoni eggs are excellent for purifying one's aura and dispelling any negative attitudes that hold one back from experiencing the joys of life. There is a lot of humor evoked by this gemstone and is an asset when worn by those who need to "lighten up" and relax into the flow of life. Lavender Jade yoni eggs are very friendly with human energies and offers experience of the truth of one's essential joy.


    • Properties: Vitality, self-confidence, self-love, anti-aging, fertility, life-force energy, grounding, feminine energy, awakening, intuition, decision making. 
    • Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

    Mookaite yoni eggs carry an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality, and increases Life Force within the physical body. Mookaite has a healing capacity for empowering one to feel and connect with the electromagnetic energy currents of the Earth.

    Mookaite promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences, and awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take.  Mookaite emanates the energy of animal knowing, or instinct, and may be used to amplify one’s own gut instincts or intuition. Wear a Mookaite yoni egg to receive a gut answer when you are unsure.

    Use Mookaite yoni eggs to connect with elemental Earth powers for increasing self-confidence, self-worth, and to realize one’s full potential. It is great for focusing on a specific goal or for a fertility boost.

    Nephrite Jade:

    • Properties: health, abundance, revitalizing, longevity, joy, victory, success, wealth.
    • Chakra: heart

    Nephrite Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 7,000 years. Jade was the first stone used internally by women, exclusively to concubines for the emperor and members of the royal circle, as wise, ancient powers believed that health, beauty and longevity could all be achieved through a strong and healthy vagina.

    Nephrite Jade is a stone with a heart of healing and a stone for healing the heart. It's energies are so strong and steady one feels a flow of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching them. Jade eggs are good stones to wear during sleep, both for their harmonious and nourishing vibrations and for their beneficial effect upon one's dream life.

    Women have reported that Nephrite Jade yoni eggs have had a profound effect on them by infusing their womb space with vibrations of love and joy and claiming the experience was beautifully orgasmic.

    Jade Eggs fosters wholesome and steady growth of one's chi or life-force energies. It is recommended that one wear or carry Jade when hiking, gardening, relaxing, or meditating outdoors, because it draws upon the earth's life-force and imbues one's auric field with that energy. Jade Eggs can harmonize and balance a woman's womb space and heart chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical well being.

    Jade yoni eggs can be used to attract abundance and prosperity and to broadcast peace and loving-kindness to all those in one's surroundings. It's a stone of abundance and can help to attract wealth and all kinds of prosperity.

    Petrified Wood:

    • Properties: Steady growth, a strong body, past life recall, inner peace. Supports gradual increase of growth, strength, and vitality. Encourages inner peace, patience; helps heal ancestral issues.
    • Chakra: Root, Third eye.

    Petrified wood is a stone of pateince of slow, steady growth towards the growth of spiritual transformation. It is a good stone for gradually strengthening the body. It is recommended to be carried or worn by those who need greater stability in the spine or skeletal structure. It also instills strength of character and helps one live by one's ideals.

    Petrrified wood assists in past life recall. It is especially useful for grounding insights one gains from experiencing these memories. It helps one turn past weaknesses into new strengths, just as the perishable wood has evolved it's form into that of immortal stone. Petrified wood carries an imprint of the recent history (100 to 200 million years) of the earth, and it can be utilized to view the Akashic records of this planet.


    • Properties: programmability, amplification of ones intentions, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, clarity, communication, memory.
    • Chakras: All

    The king of all crystals, crystal quartz is by far the most versatile and multidimensional stone in the mineral realm. Three of it's key properties are amplification, programmability and memory. Quartz yoni eggs are a stone of light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries or meditates with it. 

    Crystal quartz yoni eggs provides a corridor for higher vibrational frequencies of the realm of spirit. Quartz can used to amplify the energies of other stones. It is the perfect base material for energy tools such as wands, staffs, templates, etc. Quartz can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose, including healing, consciousness expansion, chakra opening, communication with guides, past-life recall, interdimensional travel, polarity balancing, enhancement of meditation and dreaming, attracting and sending love, generating prosperity, etc. Crystal quartz beneficially harmonizes with all other stones. It's a must have for every crystal lover!

    Red Jasper:

    • Properties: physical strength, vitality, stabilization of one's energies, endurance, libido booster, vibrancy, orgasmic energy.
    • Chakra: root

    Red Jasper yoni eggs can help one's endurance and stamina and can work over time to increase the amount of chi, or life-force in one's energetic field.

    It strengthens the root chakra and and deepens one's connection to the earth. It enhances orgasmic energy and boosts libido as well as physical strengthen and vitality. Red Jasper is a wonder stone to use during four play and love making.

    Her vibrational pattern is so stable that it tends to stabilize one's own energies if one wears, carries or simply keeps her in their living space. Such stabilization leads to good health, balanced emotions, truthful expression, and just actions.

    Red Jasper yoni eggs has a kind of down-to-earth nobility that simply rubs off on the owner. Her work is gradual, but offers the advantage that the gains one makes are more permanent than those achieved with different stones or methods.


    • Properties: emotional healing, acceptance, forgiveness, love, anxiety, panic, generosity, talents, altruism.
    • Chakra: heart

    Rhodonite yoni eggs promotes the energy of love. Rhodonite can enhance the depth, clarity, and meaning of one's inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind one's dreams and visions. She promotes a soft vibration to help one with self-love, forgiveness and acceptance.

    Rhodonite is highly recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. It is a crucial “first aid stone” for calming emotional shock and panic, and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues. Rhodonite has a strong resonance with forgiveness and giving the soul the love it needs in order to heal.

    Another wonderful quality of Rhodonite is her encouragement for one to use their talents for the benefit of the community. The outer directed love engendered by Rhodonite is one of altruism, and generosity, using one's talents to bring gifts and love to others. Rhodonite yoni eggs attracts the people and situations best suited for one's unique talents and in so using them, one can experience fulfillment of the deep desire to love and be loved.

    Rose Quartz:

    • Properties: love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the divine.
    • Chakra: heart

    Rose Quartz yoni eggs is the pure crystal of love - for oneself, one's partner, children, family, friends, community, the earth, the universe, the divine.

    Meditating with a Rose Quartz yoni egg brings an envelope of love around oneself and activates the heart chakra. Healing the heart of it's wounds and reawakening it's trust are among Rose Quartz gifts. Her soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions and they calm and cleanse the entire auric field. She engenders teh release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of fear and suspicion and the rebirth of hope and faith.

    Rose Quartz yoni eggs are are one of the crystals of the great mother earth. She links one's personal heart to the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe. Her love vibrations can penetrate to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity rather than despair and death. Rose Quartz yoni eggs can stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras, bringing them into harmony and unity with the heart. Even the lower chakras respond favorably to the abundance of love energy which flows from the heart under the influence of Rose Quartz. 

    Serpentine / Xiuyan Jade:

    • Properties: Awakening of the higher brain functions, connection with nature, kundalini awakening. 
    • Chakras: all

    serpentine also known as xiuyan jade is one of the best stones for arousing the kundalini energies. Xiuyan Jade yoni eggs are a good stone to place on the meridian points for clearing blocked energies from your chakras and allowing the healthy, natural flow to be reestablished. She is powerful for working energetically to bring the old part of the brain into the service of the higher brain and for rewiring of unhealthy brain patterns. 

    Carrying, wearing or meditating with Xiuyan Jade yoni eggs can help establish the order intended by nature, bringing peace and joy to the individual and reverberating into the outer world. 

    Xiuyan Jade makes an exceptional meditation stone. It helps you to find inner peace. Xiuyan Jade was carried in ancient Assyria to request the gods and goddesses to provide double blessings. Nursing women used it to regulate their milk supply.

    Smoky Quartz:

    • Properties: grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, manifestation.
    • Chakras: root

    Smoky Quartz yoni eggs are one of the premier grounding crystals. It can help even the spaciest individuals get their "land legs" so they can fully function as physical beings.

    Smoky Quartz also aids the grounding of spiritual information. He enhances practicality and organization. He offers protection from negative energies in one's environment and can absorb and transmute almost unlimited amounts of negativity!

    Smoky Quartz yoni eggs has a way of drawing the ethereal into manifestation. When one is wearing or even carrying Smoky Quartz, one is actually more likely to see such phenomena as ghosts, UFOs, fairies, and spirit guides. Rather than raising one's vibration, it draws the entities or phenomena into one's auric field and down to one's level of perception. For similar reasons, Smoky Quartz is useful for helping one bring one's most potent dreams and inspired ideas into physical reality.

    Smoky Quartz works in harmony with other grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline and Obsidian.

    Tigers Eye:

    • Protection, good luck prosperity, talisman against bad luck, misfortune and curses. Helpful to manifest ideas into reality and giving courage in times of doubt or change. Earthly people will find success increasing their psychic abilities using tigers eye. Wonderful stone to meditate with and open their eye.
    • Chakra: Sacral, solar plexus, third eye

    Golden Tiger Eye is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, helpful to manifest ideas into reality and giving courage in times of doubt or change.  Use Golden Tiger Eye with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase your personal connection to the earth or even your own power.  Tiger Eye is said to bring awareness to ones psychic abilities and balances the lower Chakras.  Earthy people will find success increasing their psychic abilities using Tiger Eye when working with the Third Eye Chakra or by merely meditating with a piece of Tigerseye.  Use Golden Tiger Eye with the Sacral Chakra to facilitate spiritual grounding.

    You can pocket a small piece of Golden Tiger Eye when you need a boost of creative energy, or when dealing with issues involving power, will, control, and/or concentration.  Golden Tiger Eye can provide balance to those experiencing extremes, and as such, can be helpful to those with manic depression, anger issues, or even bipolar disorder.


    • Properties: Vision, balance emotions, spirituality, grounding, fertility, healing trauma
    • Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

    Unakite helps one move forward from whats holding them back in their heart and relieving grief.  Unakite's grounding effect brings upon calmness to any environment and is great for sending out peaceful vibes to those around. 

    One may use Unakite to build self-confidence, as it strengthens courage, assisting one in taking control of the aspects of life that one is able to yield power over. Giving confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for oneself.

    Unakite is also used during recovery from trauma or major illnesses, helping the cells to "remember" the state of perfect health. Stimulating a healthy reproductive system and helpful during pregnancy and childbirth.  

    Reference: The Pocket Book of Stones