GIA Certified Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs and jade egg were designed to enhance kegel exercises by adding weight and resistance.  To begin using a yoni egg, insert her into your vagina with the larger end going in first. If you have a drilled yoni egg the tip with the string will be pointing down.  Once the jade egg is in place, you can begin using her!  


The practice of contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. Properly performed kegels can be tricky; make sure you are only contracting your pelvic muscles not your butt, abs or thighs.  Once you have identified the pelvic floor muscles your ready to start kegeling!   

Contract, squeeze, release, repeat.  During contract and squeeze slightly move the egg upward, on release let the egg slide down.  Keep some tension on the jade egg so she doesn't fall out.  The contract and squeeze can last from 5-15 seconds, whatever is comfortable for you.  These steps should be repeated for 5-15 minutes.  

Kegels can be performed standing up, sitting or lying down. 

If you are a beginner and your yoni egg won't stay in, try lying down on your back while you do your work out.  Once you have trained and strengthened your muscles try standing up during kegel exercises.   


Advanced Kegels:

Squat position:  Stand with you legs shoulder width apart, bend your knees and squat.  Hold the squat and begin kegels; squeeze and release.  

Lunge position: Stand with on leg in front of the other and bend your knees in a lunge position.  Hold the lunge and begin kegels; squeeze and release.  


Resistance Training: 

This exercise can only be done with a drilled yoni egg.  Attach a string to the  jade egg, begin performing kegel exercise.  During the contraction and squeeze phase give your yoni egg light tugs creating resistance.  Don't pull so hard the egg is removed from the vagina.  Continue to do resistance training like you would a regular kegel workout.  


 Yoga with a yoni egg:

Yoni Yoga is increasing in popularity and a great way for you to connect more intimately and spirituality with your self.  Insert your yoni egg during a yoga sequence.  During each pose add in a kegel or two.  Focus on more pelvic centered poses.  Check out the yoni yoga sequence


 Vaginal weight lifting:

Similar to the concept of resistance training, attach a string to your yoni egg and choose a weight to attach to the other end of the string.  Try using another yoni egg as a weight, heavy weights are not recommended and can cause damage by stressing your vaginal muscles.  Once you have safely attached the weight, let the weight hang in-between your legs and begin kegel exercises. 


Yoni Tucks:

The practice of performing kegels with your yoni egg while in the pelvic tuck position.  The pelvic tuck position is commonly used durning the Barre routine.  Tucking during each movement will allow more focus on the pelvic floor and giving you a more advanced work out.  Tucking refers to a having a heavy tailbone while your behind is tucked inward with a straight back.   Tucking movements should be tiny pulses not big.  

This is an advanced exercise, make sure you have mastered the perfect kegel before trying the Yoni Tuck.
If you are having trouble keeping your balance, try holding on lightly to the back of a chair. 

    Check out the Yoni Tucks sequence