Yoni Tucks is the practice of performing kegels with your yoni egg while in the pelvic tuck position.  The pelvic tuck position is commonly used durning the Barre routine.  Tucking during each movement will allow more focus on the pelvic floor and giving you a more advanced work out.  Tucking refers to a having a heavy tailbone while your behind is tucked inward with a straight back.   Tucking movements should be tiny pulses not big.  

  • This is an advanced exercise, make sure you have mastered the perfect kegel before trying the Yoni Tuck.
  • If you are having trouble keeping your balance, try holding on lightly to the back of a chair. 

The Basic Tuck: Start by standing shoulder width apart, slightly bending your knees, drop your tail bone and tuck your behind in while your upper body stays straight.  Once you have the tuck position engaged, do tiny pulses engaging your tuck while contracting your kegels.    

Yoni tuck

Bridge Tuck: Get into the basic bridge pose then engage your pelvic area in the tuck position.  Do tiny tucks 1" up / 1" down while contracting your kegels on each up movement and releasing on each down movement.  Repeat for as many reps as needed. Try tucking to each side; tuck right, kegel, release, tuck left, kegel, release, repeat. 

Diamond Tuck: Start by stand with your heels touching and feet facing out, then raise your heels off the grounding standing on your tippy toes.  Make sure your heels stay glued together and then get into the tuck position with slightly bended knees.  Do tiny tucks engaging your pelvic area while kegeling, repeat as many reps as needed.  Now Try going down 1" contract a kegel, go back up 1" and release.  Repeat for as many reps as needed. 

Lunge Tuck: Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, raise up to your tippy toes and then take one leg backwards about 2 feet keeping a slight bend in both legs.  Make sure you stay in your tucked position. Now begin your tuck pulses at the same time you contract your kegels.  

Lift Tuck: Lay flat on your back bringing your legs up and closed together, try to keep your legs as straight as possible (having a bend is ok, the straighter your legs the more challenge it will be).  Slightly tuck and lift your behind up pushing your legs to the ceiling.  For each tuck/lift contract your kegels, release and drop your behind.  Repeat for as many reps as needed.