Crystal wands are well known for their magical abilities during self-pleasure sessions as they have a way of awakening your sexual desires, connecting you to your feminine essence and tapping into your creative energy.


On the other hand, crystal wands have deep healing abilities through disconnecting stored trauma, releasing tension and absorbing harbor emotions.  When choosing a crystal to work with, you will want to pick one that holds the energies your body is needing right now.  Each crystal harnesses unique properties that will enhance your healing session.  Some ideal stones for a de-armoring session are obsidian, rose quartz, red jasper or amethyst. 


Obsidian is a powerful healer for transmuting negative energy

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love

Red jasper is filled with passionate sexual vibes

Amethyst is calming with anti-anxiety properties


Yoni de-armoring is a powerful intense technique that targets emotional and physical pain through pressure point release within the womb space.  As women move through different events in life seen as “traumatic”, your defense mechanisms pop up by putting on a sense of “armor” to block the pain. The pain, emotions, trauma etc. is stored deep within the yoni, in most cases you don’t even know it’s there.  The more armor that is present the more you are unable to fully love yourself, trust yourself and/or feel pleasure. The yoni is the most receptive and sensitive part of a woman’s body, by removing these layers of armor you will open up the flow of energy in the body allowing you to live a more pleasurable, liberated embodied and orgasmic life.


Going into a de-armoring session, you’ll want set the mood by creating a sacred space in an inviting environment that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  Make sure to carve out this time for yourself when you won’t be interrupted.  Bring in some items that will bring your senses into play;

Smell - candles, incense

Touch - blankets, pillows, oils

Sight – crystals, flowers


Release any assumptions or expectations, you want to go into this process with an open mind and know that things may come up you didn’t even know existed.  Allow the healing to freely flow out and do not hold back even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. 


Are you ready to get started?


Slowly begin taking some deep breaths; inhale counting to 3.  Pull your breath all the way in though your chest down to your yoni.  Now exhale; 1, 2, 3.  Repeat this 4-5 more times.  Quiet your mind as you breathe through any shame, guilt or fear that may arise.


Slow your breaths while you consciously touch yourself.  Gliding the wand across your breasts opening your heart to receive.  Continue gliding down to your womb space, take a minute to circle around letting yourself know that she is safe and loved within your presence. 


Gently rub the wand on the outer lips, before inserting ask yourself permission to enter.  As you slowly enter, glide your yoni wand in and out a couple times to relax your mind and vaginal muscles.  When you feel ready, place your yoni at the 12 o’clock position (top center of the cervix) press the wand into the flesh of your yoni, you will want to use pressure but not to where there is extreme pain.  Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, does this area feel numb?  Are any emotions coming forth?  Are you feeling pain?  Let your body talk to you… If something is coming up, continue holding the wand for as long as needed to release.  Allow yourself to be vocal upon release; moan, scream, cry, speak, breathe aloud, this will enhance the process of release as the crystal acts like a sponge absorbing everything coming forth.   


If nothing is coming up, move clock wise to the 2 o’clock position and hold again for 30 seconds to a minute to see if anything comes up.  Continue to repeat the process around your entire cervix.  4 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 8 o'clock, 10 o’clock, lastly center. 


Once you have finished take some time to sit in your power. 

Reflect on what was released. 

Absorb your emotions.

Send love and gratitude into your body. - “ I love you”


Much love for your yoni journey!  You are beautiful inside and out and know that you deserve to shine.

March 21, 2020 — A J