You gently accept the egg into your yoni, now what?

There are many ways you can work with your yoni egg and one of the most powerful is sensual movement or dance. Your yoni egg is a sacred tool you allow in to help move energy, heal trauma, and support overall well-being. Depending on the stone of your yoni egg, you can have a certain intention to help support or clear out energies.  Sometimes, it feels right to allow your yoni egg to be inside you in stillness. But other times, you might be called for something different.  This is where sensual movement or dance can come in.  

Sensual movement gives you a creative embodied outlet for the energy to move through you. It can be the aspect of your yoni egg practice that keeps the whole body engaged, energetic and physical. When you get into your body through movement, you create a relationship with her that nobody else can come close to. You begin an intimate love affair with yourself and that love expands your awareness and potential for other loves. 

Here are some sensual movements you can practice.  You can do them one by one or combine them to create a dance.

Always remember, your body knows how to move and the type of movement that feels good to it. Using your intuition, you can listen to how your body wants to move and follow its lead.

Rock and Undulate:

This is a wonderful movement to begin with because it gets the breath, energy and body in motion. Begin on the floor on your back, hands to your sides, knees bent, feet grounded on the floor. This position opens the hips and activates the spine. This is a natural position for lovemaking and allows the pelvis to easily rock and the sexual energy can rise. 

The movement of rocking is initiated by pulling and pushing your feet and hands in a kneading motion.  Claw and curl your fingers and toes into the earth as you inhale, then, stretch and open your fingers and toes on the exhale.

With each inhale, arch your back and with the exhale let your middle back on the earth as you press the palms of your hands and heels of your feet into the ground.

Pump the energy up through your pelvis into your groin, legs, abdomen, arms, and chest as you allow your spine to slowly undulate like a sensual snake and orgasmic wave.

Yoni to the Sky:

After you feel good and the energy is awaken, you can lift your pelvis up to the sky.  This is great to bring your yoni egg deeper inside before you begin a standing dance.

Continue in the Rock and Undulate position but now you will press down through your feet, lengthening your knees out in front of you, and lifting your pelvis off the floor, yoni toward the sky.

Relax your yoni allowing the egg to drop deeper in toward your cervix. Let your legs open slightly. Open your mouth and relax the jaw as you make “a-h-h-h” sound with your exhale. Keeping your hips lifted means your sexual organs are above your head.  This allows gravity to move the sexual energy into the higher chakras. This inverted position also helps prevent and restore prolapsed organs. 

Now that your yoni egg has moved deeper inside and your sexual energy is pumping throughout your body, you can slowly and creatively bring yourself up to a seated or standing position.  If you stay seated, bring your attention into your sits bones, finding a neutral pelvis, which will straighten the spine. If you decide to stand, feel rooted in your feet on the earth and notice your pelvis. Slowly rock it forward and back until you find center or neutral. 

Dancing with your Yoni Egg:

Put on some inspiring music that makes you want to dance in a very sensual way. This can be anything from hip hop to instrumental as long as it evokes sensual movement.

As you begin to allow your body to move, keep your awareness on your yoni egg. Gently squeeze the egg with the sides of your vagina.  Imagine the sides of your vagina fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. These small vibrations are similar to those experienced during orgasm. 

For more stimulation, slow down the squeezing.  Inhale and squeeze your yoni egg. As you exhale slowly release the muscles. Practice holding the squeeze and release as you move your hips in a sensual way.

As you move sensually, touch your body. Let your hands glide over your hips, thighs, breasts, neck and arms.  Your hands are an extension of your heart. Make sure you bring all that love into your touch and stimulate loving pleasure.  

Sensual movement is all about engaging the senses. Set the environment for full pleasure. Pay attention to the lighting, smells, and music that will ignite your sensual nature.


Monique Gomez / Sex Educator & Coach

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April 21, 2020 — A J