Beginning a yoni egg practice is exciting.  You are opening up to possibilities of your sexual energy center which can be very healing, loving and erotic. When using a yoni egg, you are diving into practices that strengthen the pelvic floor, articulate the vagina as an instrument for love, and warm up sexual energy so you can open portals to endless aspects of orgasm. 

There are many benefits of using a yoni egg like creating a strong pelvic floor, relieving PMS, massaging reflexology zones in the vagina, which in turn, activates the entire body, lifts the uterus off the bladder to prevent incontinence and tones the vaginal canal to enhance sexual satisfaction.

With all these benefits waiting to be had, the first step is choosing your yoni egg. You want to choose an egg that feels right for you. It can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. I remember getting overwhelmed with the amount of options there were when I was shopping for mine.

Let’s talk about a few things to consider when choosing your yoni egg.  All of these are considerations but ultimately, let your intuition guide you. If you are feeling called to a certain stone, then pick that one for now. You can always have more than one yoni egg in your collection.


Things to consider while picking a yoni egg:

Yoni Egg Size

Most yoni eggs come in three options: Small, Medium, and Large. You want your yoni egg to be able to move inside your vagina but not fall out. Therefore, most women start with a large or medium size.  If you have had children, it’s recommended you start with a large, but again listen to your intuition.  A small yoni egg is ideal for advanced users, as this takes more practice, strength and awareness in order to control the smaller size.  As you progress in your practice, you can explore using two small eggs while you isolate and manipulate different muscles. This takes more strength in the pelvic floor muscles to keep it from falling out.

The energy and stone

There are so many different gemstones your yoni egg can come in.  Traditionally, the jade egg was used in Chinese culture because they believed it was a balanced energy and attracted love. Now, you have many options of stones all with their unique energetic gift.  These gemstones hold power and relate to various parts of the energetic body and emotions.

Agate-stone of perception and inner strength. It is soothing and calming. Helps with protection and security to feel safe and balanced. 

Amethyst-spiritual growth and calming energy.  Helps with balancing and encourages creativity.

Bloodstone-A grounding stone that promotes ancestral connection. It encourages guidance and counsel from spiritual helpers and is related to courage.

Carnelian-Releases negative energy while boosting sexual energy. Increases fertility and confidence. Promotes creativity and individuality.

Crystal Quartz-Master healer and can be used to boost immune system. Brings balance and helps body heal organs. Used as a deep soul cleanser.

Fire Quartz-Heals old wounds and stabilizes emotions. It is a grounding stone that helps boost self-confidence and self-worth. It is a cooling stone of the emotions so you can find clarity.

Green Aventurine-stone of prosperity. Enhances fertility and boots feelings and emotions. Helps bring happiness and optimism.

Jade-Love, serenity and purity. Balances bodily fluids. Brings insightful dreams and stimulates ideas.  Soothes the mind and brings harmony and friendship.

Obsidian-psychic cleanser and remover of negative energy. It’s a grounding stone. Helps release abuse or attachment and can clear out unwanted bacteria or viruses.

Red Jasper-Balancing yin/yang energies. Brings nurturing and contentment to the body. Soothing and promotes gentleness and tranquility.

Rhodonite- Associated with love and heart space. Helps you achieve your highest potential and release anxieties. Activates pineal gland and stimulates your intuitive guidance.

Rose Quartz-Unconditional and universal love Stone. Restores trust and harmony and very nurturing. Encourages acceptance, self-forgiveness and released addictions. Strengthens heart and circulation in the body.


String or no string

Yoni eggs come in two different styles; Drilled or Nondrilled.  With a drilled egg, you can attached a string (hemp string or dental floss for one time use) in the hole and use it to assist in removing the yoni egg. You can also attach weights to the string and use it for up-leveling your Kegel exercises.   

Enjoy the process of choosing your yoni egg.  Remember, let your yoni guide the way.

Have fun exploring.


Monique Gomez