Learn what turns you on...

We are all turned on by different things.

What sparks a fire in you, may dose the flame in another.

When you know what fuels your sexual aliveness you can have a hot, steamy, and inspiring sex life.

So how do you find out what your sexual style is?

The creator of the Erotic Blueprint, Jaiya Ma, claims she has crafted a unique and effective system that helps you find that out. She describes it as the sexual love languages.

It is a system that has helped me to understand myself and my partner better. Our sex life has always been passionate, but knowing how we work makes it that much hotter.

When you know what blueprint you connect to and which one your current partner/s connect to, there is a greater chance of everyone being satisfied and getting what they want out of their sex lives.

I know you want a fulfilling sex life. You want to feel connected to your desires and have them explored. This is one way you can get there.

This system itself is comprised of 5 different blueprints:

The Sensual blueprint is someone who is aroused through the senses. They love to indulge in touch, smell, taste, and being connected to their bodies for maximum turn on. They need to feel relaxed and open for sexual turn on. The space is important to these people, if the room feels wrong they cannot delve into their full arousal. Candles, mood lighting, and music can help them get in the mood.

The Energetic blueprint is someone who is aroused by time and the space between them and their partner. They love to eye gaze and create tension through the play of teasing. Too much touch can be overwhelming for them and they might get turned off. They need presence to feel sexually aroused.

The Sexual blueprint is someone who is aroused by the act of intercourse and genital touch. They don’t want to waste time in foreplay, they like to get right to it, and require very little variation or teasing to have an orgasm. The act itself is enough for them.

The Kinky blueprint is someone who is aroused by the taboo of things. They love to explore the forbidden, the unconventional, and the naughty. Deep shame can exist in this blueprint and they need a partner who understands their desire for this kind of play. Otherwise they can shut off and not express their desire.

The Shape-shifter blueprint is someone who is all of the above. They get off on it all and love to try new things. They need variety in their sex life to keep their turn on. Their needs are always changing and they crave adventurous experiences.

Now, everyone has varying degrees to each blueprint.

You may be 50% Energetic, 40% Sensual, and 10% kinky.

There is rarely a 100% to something.

But knowing the degrees helps in understanding how you connect to your sexuality.



What blueprint calls to you?

Are you a sensual Goddess? A Kinky Queen? All of the above?

Let me know by sharing your thoughts.

You can also find a detailed understanding of your own style by taking the quiz at:

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    April 01, 2021 — A J