Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes but it's guaranteed to come through the senses. It’s through the five senses-touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste-that we learn about our environment and explore our capacity for pleasure.  

Sensory play is stimulating your senses to explore and create more pleasure in your sexual experiences. 

You can use sensory play in your sexual play or as a pleasure practice. Pleasure practices are things you do to strengthen your ability to feel and experience pleasure. Sensory play helps rebuild neurons in the brain making your brain find pleasure pathways easier. When you have stronger pleasure pathways, the more pleasure your body is looking to experience. This is helpful in reaching orgasm, having multiple orgasms, or having deeper orgasms.

Your senses are able to evoke memories, fantasies, or erotic recollections just by engaging with them.  You are here to have a human body experience and that happens through the senses of the body. When you explore your senses with an intention for pleasure, doors get blown open.  You get to experience your body in a new way, let go of beliefs you might have had about your body and realize what feels pleasurable to you.

Remember, this is all about play. It can be pleasurable or painful. You can play with multiple senses at a time or muffle one sense to ignite the others. There is not right or wrong and as long as it’s safe and consensual, go for it. 

Here are some examples of sensory play:

Use a blindfold

Take away sight so the other senses are heightened. 

Hot or Cold

Use different temperatures to stimulate your sense of touch.

Tease with textures

Bring in feathers, silks, furry pillows, or spikey brushes to explore textures on the skin.

Ropes & Restraints

Take away hands, feet, or both for complete surrender. 

Food Fun

Experiment with all types of tastes through food.  This can be with or without a blindfold.


Might not seem sexy, but muffling the environmental sound helps you drop into your body and the other senses.

Essential oil massage

Mix your own essential oil blend and give your partner a massage.


Light the room with candles that give the perfect ambiance.  You can also use the wax for sensory play.

Paddles and floggers 

Gives you the opportunity to play with quick or long strokes and different pressures.

Audio erotica

Listening to stories of erotic experiences.

Yoni wands

Use the smooth surface to caress, the narrow tip to explore pressure points, and the ability to change temperature. 

Pulling hair

Grabbing the hair at the root of the scalp and pulling invigorates the nerves on the scalp creating sensations.

Paying attention to your senses immediately gets you into your body.  And when you are in your body, you have a better understanding of what you enjoy, desire, and are willing to experience.  Your power for pleasure is in your body so use sensory play to ignite that power.

- Monique Gomez

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March 22, 2021 — A J