Have you felt incredibly powerful, filled with a power that comes easily, from something innate within you?

Many times we overlook everything that makes us unique because we are so used to living with ourselves that we believe anyone can do what we do. There are gifts that we minimize and feel are no big deal, but actually they are.
All the power we have is hidden behind the small details and things that we are passionate about, that make us feel authentic. The small things that we do in our day to day.

But we have lost track of that power because we have learned to look at the world with the eyes of productivity. How being more or less productive in life serves me. Rather than focusing on what I naturally have to give and how I use it so it’s at my service.

Sitting in your power is recognizing what makes you different. Knowing that it's okay to be yourself. It's safe to be yourself and express it. We have learned otherwise in the past. There were things that worked in life and things that didn’t.

Take a moment to ask yourself:
How many things have you stopped doing for fear of what others will say?
How many times a day do you silence your opinion for fear of the opinion of others? I'm sure you can make a list of more than 10 things in the last week alone.

Being in your power happens when you are in your truth, without being ashamed of it. Creating your own route and discovering that you, yourself are a gift to the world. You don't need to adapt to it in any way other than by being you. Without comparing yourself.
You can observe, borrow ideas from other people, and see for yourself if it serves you or not. Does it make you feel authentic, empowered, alive or not?

There is so much to try and so many ways to do things, that sticking with something that makes you feel small is simply not the best use of your power.

Your power is completely different from the rest of the world. No one else is going to have it. Your power is to know. Know about yourself. To have that certainty that you have something to give to the world. Even if you don't know how yet.

Take time to reflect and answer these questions:
What am I good at? What do I like to do? What things are easy for me?
You can ask your friends and family for help with discovering your abilities and gifts. Ask them, “What kinds of things would you seek my help for?”

I think that many times the focus is on what we want to change in ourselves. Which can become an addiction. To always be looking at what we lack. Idealizing the image of what we want to become. Telling ourselves, "I am not yet this or that." This leaves us feeling insufficient and inadequate.

And it is important to accept the why of that existing in you before wanting to change it, because if not, it will remain as an uncomfortable place. A place that you don’t understand and can’t accept.
The moment we recognize the gifts of that space, we own it.

A person in maximum power is the one who manages to discover their truth every second. That center where we can rest because we know that it is our strength.
We know that we are doing well there, we feel safe.

Like the space of a child when he wants to explore the world and always knows that no matter how far he goes and explores, he can return to his mother's lap, their safe center. And that is our source of power.

What happens when we are clear about our talents and strengths? We can go out to explore the world. To find new challenges and skills. If things don't work out or don't flow well for us, we can return to this loving center. This central space from which we can shine outward.

For example, I am very good at dancing alone. But I always see people dancing with others, I feel insecure when I am not to doing the same. The other day, I wanted to try it and I felt very clumsy and my movements became rigid. If I wasn't clear about my place of power with respect to my expression, my idea that I can be a good dancer, at all, would have collapsed. Yet, after my attempt, I was able to close my eyes and dance for myself with the best I have. This refilled my container of self-esteem from my own source of power. Then I was able to move outward and try again. I was able to do this because my self-esteem is already founded on what makes me authentic and strong.

So look at yourself. Discover what you are good at and find your center. Your safe space. The source of your inner power.
Only after that, reach out of your comfort zones. Step out of the smaller version of yourself. Shine, and always come back to your center.

That is going to be your throne. Where you feel wide. Where you shine. With your purest essence.
You in your most authentic truth are the best gift the world can receive.

By: Feña Pinochet Reymond

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March 15, 2021 — A J