The Feminine is the mysterious.

She is the waiting.

The void.

The longing.

The open.

The feeling.

The body.

The heart.

The being.

She surrenders to the magic, knowing she is taken care of.

She is excited about life, knowing she is being guided.

She is orgasmic, passionate- earthquakes and waves.

She knows who she is.

A force so powerful, you can’t help but gravitate towards it.

She is Yin and she lives within us all.

For the past thousands of years she has been shunned, causing us to disconnect from this vital life energy.

We have become robotic, linear, and craving of structure and only structure.

Control is praised. Competition is prioritized. We as a species have lost the juice of life.

As more and more humans awaken, we are beginning to see just how little we have valued this energy, and we are ready to connect back to her.

You are reading this because you are ready.

To reclaim and live deeper in the Feminine essence is simple but it is not always easy.

Because to do so is to release control.

Can you let go and let Goddess?

When we let go, we allow life to happen for us. We enter the field where our awareness is heightened and through that allowing, we see the potent energy of light that flows through it all.

We no longer try to live for tomorrow because we are fully immersed in today.

Our creativity sparks, our hearts open, and our yonis soften.

We are breathing life just as it is breathing us.

So how can you reach this place?

A question with many answers, the first step is to notice how you currently live.

Are you mostly in the masculine energy of doing?

Do you make time for ritual?

Do you make time for dance?

Is your life hurried?

Are you always on the go?

Do you hate not knowing?

Do you like to go with the flow?

Do you appreciate rest?

Do you explore your creativity?

Do you figuratively stop to smell the flowers?

How well do you know yourself? Shadows and all.

Once you see how you are living, and more importantly being, you can begin to shift your energy into one that honors your feminine essence.

The way to shift your energy is by making more time for the things that light you up, allow you to feel vibrant, juicy, and turned on.

Here are some suggestions:

  •             Move to sensual music.
  •             Have a weekly yoni egg practice.
  •             Self pleasure.
  •             Make art.
  •             Listen to your feelings.
  •             Incorporate self-care and playful activities to your day.
  •             Attend virtual Goddess circles.
  •             Spend more time in nature.
  •             Build a self love altar.
  •             Take more bubble baths.


By making time for any of the activities mentioned, you are creating a pathway for the reconnection to your feminine essence. 

When that pathway is tended to daily, you will begin to nourish this part of you.

When you nourish this part of you, it will continue to grow and flourish into a fragrant and colorful garden.

The garden of your feminine vitality.

The garden of your being.

- Tania Maldonado 

March 09, 2021 — A J