Hey Goddesses! I’m Monique, your SelfLove Guru and I have 3 powerful ways to amp up your Self Love rituals.

These tips can easily be incorporated into your Self Care Sunday or Self Love Saturday routines, however true Self Love is best when it’s practiced EVERY DAY! Whether you apply them all or just one. Be sure to connect with me on IG @TheCitrineGoddess where I’ll continue to provide more Self Love insight. So Let’s get started! 

Know Thy Self! This idiom reaches far beyond the mind and deeply penetrates into the body. When it comes to understanding who and what you are, you want to tap into understanding your body’s constitution and energetics now these are popular herbalist terms, but have practical meaning and use when it comes to learning and knowing thyself. So allow me a moment to get deeper into this. Let’s say you’re a person whose body’s constitution is naturally cold, you may enjoy or get aroused by the use of hot wax on your skin. Now, If you’re a person whose body’s constitution is naturally hot, then you may want to have your partner use ice cubes instead of hot wax. Now, I’ll be honest I don’t care for either but knowing my preference; which would be hot wax if anyone is curious. Let me know that I’m best aroused in warmer climates or situations. Now, why is this important you ask? Ultimately it’s just to prove a point that what we feel and experience will not be the same for the next and so this becomes very useful in the space of intimacy with yourself or others. In addition to knowing if you are more Yin (Cold/Dry) or Yang (Warm/Moist) you also want to know your pleasure points and what techniques or tools do you use to relieve tension and stress? This is helpful in achieving deep, pleasurable orgasms, by the way, have you had an Orgasm today or at least this week? If you answered No then Goddess you need a Yoni Wand. You are responsible for your pleasures including your Orgasms and it’s been proven that Orgasms are medicinal and great for relieving body tension and stress and should be experienced daily. So take a moment and get to Know Thyself. Here’s a quick Goddess Tip: Incorporated the herbs Damiana, Maca, Ginseng, and Ashwagandha into your four-play to increase the libido. 

Self First but not Self only! So when it comes to self love the first word is “Self”. This can feel a little selfish and it should. But if that is hard to accept, let's remember that when you give from a full cup, you won’t feel so depleted. Typically, when it’s finally “Me Time” we fall short not because of time but because of energy. When we continue to give our energy to things that are not dedicated to our highest and best good we always end up with the short end of the stick. Goddesses we are overachievers and serial nurturers and it is time for us to learn the magic behind “No”. Start today by adjusting your to-do list, the goal is making you a priority. Start by incorporating some Earthly elements like crystals. The energetic’s of Certified Gemstone Crystals connect with and raise the vibration in the body. This is helpful in us feeling more energize and present which is what we deserve when it’s “Me Time”. Here’s another Goddess Tip: Apply a Rose Quartz Face Mask to your eyes while listening to some good ole Tracy G Affirmations This is an amazing recharge ritual and always leaves me feeling energized and balanced. 

Believe in your Selfie! It’s time to adore and love you. Who else can do it better? This next ritual is very powerful. Start by taking a shower and follow up with a spiritual bath. Next, dry off and stand or sit in front of a mirror. Set your timer for 8 minutes. Why I chose 8 minutes is because in numerology 8 represents feminine energy, abundance, and infinity. I sit and stare at my body and find parts of me to admire. I only focus on what I love. Then I speak powerful words while looking into my eyes. Once the timer goes off I give thanks and prepare to get glam because when you look good your vibe naturally rises and your best self shows up. To keep my vibes high, I use my Rose Quartz makeup brushes to charge up my makeup routine. Once your all glam get out your phone and take some selfies. Take a moment to appreciate your beauty. Make sure to learn your angles then share them with the world. I don't know about you but Selfies hit way better when there’s a fire self-love routine behind it. Here’s one more Goddess Tip: Friday’s are a great day to do this ritual as it is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty, self-love, and aesthetics. Also, pay attention to the Moon and charge up your Rose Quartz Makeup brushes under the next Taurus New moon. 

Until next time, be nothing less than radiant! 

XOXO - Monique 

March 02, 2021 — A J