Did you know that you can manifest things in your reality through your pleasure and orgasmic energy?

It was an excuse to enjoy even more pleasure without guilt and also a new approach towards sexual energy as something revolutionary, magical, and divine.

We first need to recognize that we all come from a sexual act, we were created by this energy and when the body activates all its orgasmic potential, it becomes a vessel full of that same creative energy ready to manifest something new.

Orgasmic manifestation is using sexual energy as an engine, supercharging your manifestations while being attentive to where you are putting your intention and focus in a powerful moment with yourself or a partner.

At that instant, when we finally surrender and become one with the orgasmic energy, our conscious and subconscious worlds merge.

The deeper we go into the pleasure, the deeper we are going to dissolve this wall between these two worlds and all the seeds that are planted at that moment are going to be manifested in the conscious world, so it is a very sacred moment, very powerful. It is a very fertile time to put intentions and beautiful thoughts.

When we do rituals, we always start with an intention because the energy goes where our attention goes and thus we define a clear direction. Then whatever happens within that ritual, our consciousness is already clear about where to go.

Not setting an intention is like going to a restaurant and saying to the waiter "Bring me anything you want", and perhaps sometimes good things will come to surprise you, or many times not. But it will always be more effective to ask for what we want with clear intention.

And in that moment, the secret is to trust. It is that whatever the intention we set, we believe from the bottom of our heart that it can happen.

For example, if I want an abundance of money and I really believe that the magic of the Universe may bring me 100,000USD in one day, that is my intention. But if I am going to do it with distrust and thinking that it is crazy, come back to your inner voice and define, what is an intention that feels good in my body, and does feel possible?

Because everything has to be aligned. My intention, my actions, my words, my thoughts.

If I do a ritual by repeating words, but in my heart I do not feel that it is really possible, half the energy will go forward and the other half in the opposite direction.

So I need to find intentions that are fully aligned within me. That they generate coherence and also allow me to act in that direction with the confidence that it is possible.

What these rituals are going to do is use the energy of the Universe to push us in the direction we want, but it will be much more powerful when in addition to just the intention and the ritual, we take action.

That is the magic formula behind all creative manifestation. And the more we do it and verify it, the greater will be our confidence in this power and therefore the greater the force of manifestation.

So what would a sexual magic ritual look like? You may be wondering.

It can take many forms. I've shared a simple way to start by yourself.

  1. Create your own sacred space. You can light candles, smudge the room, sing, take a shower, do offerings of flowers or fruits, create an altar, or whatever makes you feel like you are in a different space than a normal sex or masturbation session.
  2. Define an intention that will be what will give direction to the energy. You can repeat it out loud to boost its power.
  3. Then you will have a 20 to a 40-minute session of pleasuring yourself. This part of the ceremony can range from doing a sensual body massage to masturbating, looking for all possible ways to increase pleasure in your body.
  4. After this time, you will stop all kinds of movement and sitting or lying down, you will enter the last phase: 15 minutes of deep meditation focused on visualizing your purpose fulfilled, How do you see yourself when this is manifested? How are you going to feel? What do you imagine doing? How are you going to be dressed? Where are you going to be? With whom?All the details you can identify. And feel all the energy accumulated in your body going towards those thoughts.

Where the mind goes, energy flows. So if after filling the entire container of your body with orgasmic energy, you think something, the power of manifestation of that thought is infinite. It is totally unlimited.

In sexual magic, pleasure is going to be the gasoline that drives the engine of all this manifestation. This is a time when you want to accumulate the greatest amount of orgasmic energy in your body finding everything that generates more pleasure. Therefore, it is not the time to have orgasms because that generally expels the energy outwards, but to stay within that expansive orgasmic space, cultivating more and more of this potency.

You are going to focus clearly on pleasure throughout the ritual. Remember that if your intention is already defined in the beginning, that seed is already planted and your pleasure will be the water that irrigates it.

It is a responsibility, but when we stop being slaves of our sexual energy and instead of letting ourselves be dominated by it, we learn to use it to our advantage, we take ownership of the Universal creative source.

So I invite you to check it out for yourself. If you always felt that behind all your sexual potency there is much more power than what you know, this may be the door that you were waiting to open to discover it and become the Manifestress of your life.


By Feña Pinochet Reymond
Social @fernandanomada
April 06, 2021 — A J