“She does not grab for power so overflows with it...”

 – Haven Trevino (Excerpt from The Tao of Healing)

Do you ever feel called to the earth? Beckoned by her effortless beauty, a root knowing that she is exactly what you need to return to your center?

Gaia’s medicine is unquestionable. Purer than a mother’s love—infinite and overflowing. Gaia is everything. She is Home.

More than an ethereal archetype, Mother Gaia is a living, breathing organism. When we’re born, it is Gaia’s gravity that beckons us into the world. As we grow, it is Gaia’s ground that holds and nourishes our root. Her intricate rhythms weaving their way through each of us and all of us together.

The very elements that make the ocean salty also live in our tears and the hard stones are reflected in our bones. The ancient story that runs through my veins and yours is sequel to the tale told by the rivers that made us.

It is no secret that the Great Mother is under attack and has been for some time. Valued for what She produces, forced to keep giving against Her cycles. She burns with rightful rage.

In her book, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For,Alice Walker writes of the Swa people. She tells the story of how it is the Swa women’s job to tell the men when to stop. When to stop cutting down trees, for there is enough firewood and shelter. When to stop hunting, for there is enough food. The Swa honor the voice of the feminine; without it, they would cut down all of the trees…

Like indigenous cultures for time immemorial, the Saw know in their bones that Gaia isfeminine consciousness. As long as feminine, cronelike wisdom is devalued, we will continue to devalue nature.

People too have learned to value ourselves for what we produce, and many have abandoned the unproductive parts of themselves that are essential to restore the natural order. Desensitized from our own bodies and desensitized from our collective Body, we have forgotten how to listen. The masculine within each of us must remember how to consult and honor the feminine so that he can hear Her when she whispers stop. Enough is enough.

Gaia embodies the medicine that we need, and it is our job to make space to receive Her medicine. We can dip into Her watery depths to find our feminine root and stay as long as we’d like, letting that root tenderize and resensitize, playfully allowing the great mystery that pulses through and all around us to ground and guide us.

Reunion with one's truest Self requires reunion with Mother Gaia, both inside and out.


Written By: Allie Andrews
Self-Care Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker
Social: @iamallieandrews
Website: OmBodyHealth.com

Artwork by BK The Artist

April 15, 2021 — A J