When I first heard of a G-spot orgasm, it sounded utopian.
I had spent my entire sex life having only clitoral orgasms and for me I was definitely a woman who could NOT have orgasms with penetration or in any other way.
I thought my body was not made for that.
The clitoris was my whole world and every time I heard a woman having some other kind of orgasm, it was "luck".

The first time I heard of the G-spot, it was like a place that one is lucky to find. It is like a magical portal that sometimes could appear and sometimes not.
And that was always my relationship with orgasms.

Fascination, but at the same time something that didn’t depend much on me, but on many supernatural elements that were out of my reach and more depended on the abilities of my partners who "hopefully" knew how to do it.

One day I heard of cervical orgasms. Said to be the most powerful orgasm a woman's body can have, because the cervix connects to the brain through more nerve channels than the clitoris, making it an orgasm that blows your mind!

"I can’t die without experiencing this" I thought. I felt challenged.

I bought my first yoni wand. Rose quartz.
I saw a couple of videos on youtube and understood that it would take time. It could be a feeling that was not felt much at first as it is a place that we never touch, so it was normal that there wasn’t much sensitivity.
I prepared myself to be there for a long time.

I spent 40 minutes in total moving the wand in circles.
At 20 minutes I still didn't feel much. I was still trying to wake up the area.
After that I began to feel sparks of new sensations and that excited me and drove me to continue.
I continued like this for 20 more minutes, until I felt that sensation of an orgasm approaching. For me that was already a big step. My arm was exhausted.
I continued until BOOOOOM! My first cervical orgasm!

I was so excited... Not only because of the implosive pleasure that was felt in the bowels of my body radiating everywhere, but also because of the feeling that I CAN. That I wasn't broken.
I wasn't predestined for just one type of orgasm for the rest of my life.
That everything I ever heard from other women could be me too.

That it wasn't just about porn stars or multi-orgasmic tantric women. After that I became addicted to exploring female orgasms.

G spot and female ejaculation. Cervix. K spot. Zone A. P spot. U spot. Nipple orgasms. Anal orgasms. Throat orgasms. Energetic orgasms. Multiple orgasms. A world of possibilities and infinite pleasure. Although still many remain a mystery to me.

But before any of these orgasms, it was key to understand that the most important orgasmic spot is the B spot.
B for brain. B spot is the origin.
Without that spot activated, there is no way any other orgasmic spots will be activated.

And that means feeling safe and relaxed. Excite the senses and use the imagination.
The power of the mind can replace any direct stimulus, and in the end, an orgasm is the same destination, only there are different ways to reach it.
As many ways as women we are in the world.

And I began to explore all these spots that opened a new world for me. A world of EMPOWERMENT.
Knowing that self-knowledge is recovering our power. We have the power to choose when and how we want to feel pleasure.

And when we take our pleasure in our hands, the body becomes a temple of empowerment and expansion.
Then touching and knowing us becomes the greatest ceremony of self-love, and our pleasure and orgasms become our prayer towards life.

Written by: Feña Pinochet Reymond
Photo Credit: Sarah Maq
June 28, 2021 — A J
Tags: orgasms