Most of us do it.

We rarely talk about it.

But here at Gemstone Yoni, we are all about it.

Queen Advocates of self pleasure, our desire is that every woman walks this planet turned on to their pleasure and light.

Self pleasure is a key aspect in this desire.

When you put the power of your pleasure in your own hand, there is no-one that can control it.

But how exactly does self pleasure help you rise to your greatest?

Here are some amazing benefits to your health and empowerment that self pleasure brings.


  1. Increases your Mood


Self pleasure will lift your mood. Always. You will feel lighter and less stressed because at the point of orgasm, your body release dopamine, which brings a sense of euphoria and relief. It doesn’t matter how your day is going, when you self pleasure, it will always feel better.


  1. Helps you Sleep Better


When your body is more relaxed, you are able to sleep better. Self pleasure helps with that. Many factors can contribute to a problem with enough rest. A lot of it can do with anxiety and stress. Self pleasure eases those symptoms.


  1. Empowers you to Know your Body


When you know what you want you are able to tell you lover(s) what you want. Whether you are in a long term commitment or currently dating, self pleasure gives you the power to know what you enjoy (and what you don’t) so you are able to speak it. No more faking orgasms, let your needs be known, and make sure they are fulfilled.


  1. Boosts your Confidence


When you feel good, you walk with confidence. When you are turned on to your pleasure, there is a magnetic force to you. People want to bask in it. This is an energy that cannot be faked. When you are in it, it is undeniable. The more you connect to your sexuality through self pleasure, the more you shine with this energy.


  1. Connects you to your Creativity


Sexual energy is creative energy. When you are disconnected from your sexuality, you might have a hard time feeling creative. Self pleasure helps you bridge that gap and boosts your creativity.


When you self pleasure, you do so much for your health and wellbeing. When you self pleasure, you connect to your highest vibrancy.

Whether you use a crystal wand or your fingers, the act of pleasuring yourself holds so much power.

There is no denying how beautiful it is.

So make self pleasure a ritual.

Something you do often.

Take your time in exploring yourself.

Touch and tease yourself.

Breathe deep.

Have fun.

And enjoy the benefits.


Written By: Tania Maldonado 

Photo Credit:

January 18, 2022 — A J