Your yoni is one of the most magnetic forces in the Universe.

I sometimes forget this. I meditate and set intentions and make vision boards and plan, but without anointing my desires with sexual energy they can fall flat, or more accurately, I can fall flat. No longer turned on by life.

If you can relate to feeling a bit lackadaisical from time to time, embodying your sexual energy is a wonderful way to reignite your lust for life. 

Most people move through life compartmentalizing their sexual self from the rest of their reality. Sexuality -- and all of the powerful, life-giving, magnetic energy that comes with it -- is often reserved for the bedroom.

Something I’ve been working on lately is decompartmentalizing my sexuality. Bringing it with me to meetings and cafes and dance classes. Weaving my sexual energy into my intentions and goals as fuel.

Asking my yoni for guidance and support to conceive and birth what I feel called to manifest.

When we are cultivating, moving and embodying our erotic energy on a regular basis -- whether through an erotic breathing practice, jade egg practice, self-pleasure, or sex with partners (better yet all of the above!) -- we are vibrating at a higher frequency.

Think about it, orgasm is one of the most powerful ways to clear and open energy channels in the body. Not only does orgasm make us feel closer to our partner(s) and ourself, just do a quick google search and you’ll find countless other benefits from radiant skin to a healthier immune system.

Orgasms -- especially G Spot and cervical -- revitalize the body, open the heart and clear the mind like nothing else! They create more physical and energetic flow in your body which manifests as you being able to move with whatever life brings your way.

This energetic shift can show up as more confidence, less resistance and generally high vibe living, making you magnetic!

Maybe you’ve noticed that when you’re having lots of satisfying sex, or well-fucked as Kim Anami would say, whether with partners or your crystal wands, you walk around with a freedom about you, and people are more drawn to you.

Now, take a deep, embodied breath all the way into your pelvic floor. Gently squeeze your yoni muscles with the inhale and relax with the exhale, can you start to feel your yoni wake up? Repeat 10 times, speed it up, slow it down, see what feels good.

As within so without. Awaken your yoni. Move your sexual energy to feel present and embodied and goddess-like. Exude this energy to the world. Magnetize your desires.

By Allie Andrews, Self-Care, Sex & Relationship Coach

Instagram: @iamallieandrews

February 02, 2022 — A J