Here it comes, May 10th to June 3rd, Mercury Retrograde.

It comes often, 4 times a year, and every time it comes, there are always lessons for you to hear and integrate.

So what does this Retrograde have in store for you?


Get out of your Comfort Zone


The energy of this retrograde is powerful, and although it is unique for each and every one of us, the theme of expanding past your comfort is an overall theme.

What are the things you have been clinging to that have reached their expiration date?

What habits, beliefs, and relationships are keeping you small?

What areas of your life are ready to expand?

This period of time will be a chance to elevate and move past all that is stagnant.

If you fight it, there can be problems.

If you surrender to it, miracles can occur.

Remember, Mercury isn’t out to get you.

Think of it as an amplifier.

Whatever is NOT working in your life will be amplified.

So you can know exactly what you need to stop doing 

You mostly know what those things are, so don’t be surprised when those things start going faulty.

We are meant to evolve and grow, and this month is saying: DO IT.

Expect things to get uncomfy so you can be stirred out of complacency

This life is happening FOR YOU.

So let it happen ;)


Tools to help you Survive Retrograde


We want you to thrive during this time, so we have created a list of things you will need to do so beautifully and come out shining.

What you will need is:




Time Management

Extra phone cords

Some advice:

As usual, technology might get a little glitchy, so watch out for that.

Don’t make any huge decisions unless it is something you have already been thinking about doing for months and have been procrastinating because your comfort zone was just too cozy to leave. Again, time to leave the comfort zone!

If you get a text from an ex, do not respond. I repeat, do not respond. They are your ex for a reason.

If you are ruled by Mercury (hi Gemini and Virgo) then this time will affect you the most. Don’t take it personally. Ride the waves and use that Mercurial energy of quickness to move past the things you can’t control but think twice before you say something.

Taurus will feel it deeply as well. If there are things or people you have been avoiding, expect them to show themselves strongly. You are being guided to face it with honesty and grace. You got this.

Stay rooted in a practice that connects you to your body and heart. Have a dance practice, a journaling practice, or meditate daily to help you through this time.

Again, it’s all happening for you, so enjoy what life has in store, and expand beyond the comforts you have created.

Happy Retrograde!

May 10, 2022 — A J