Finding sacred time and space during our moontime is absolutely critical and necessary for our physical health, emotional wellness and personal growth.

If we operate at the same speed and intensity during our period, as we do during the rest of our cycle, our body-mind system is under a lot of pressure and will be drained.

“At menstruation, 80% of our immune systems energy is diverted towards our reproductive system, and 40% at ovulation” Says Anthony William in his book Thyroid Healing.

This is why women are more susceptible to exhaustion and illness during this time of the month.

The remedy to this is to reflect and tune in to what we can do to resource ourselves, to recharge our batteries and create a favorable environment for our body to do what it naturally needs to.

Moontime is a time for deep healing! It is a time of reflection, release and rest!

This may offer a sense of relief to know that it is OK to allow yourself to rest while your cycle completes.

For others, this may be hard to understand – or do, as we are taught in our society to go, go, go. It may be uncomfortable to even think of dropping the needs of others – friends, family, work – and to put your own needs first.

However, when we identify our needs and put them first, this says a big fat NO to the conditioning that women must be available at all times and accommodate other peoples needs before theirs.

Serving others is critical to our happiness and well-being. But only if our cup is full can we actually show up and give our all and our unconditional love to the loved ones in our lives.

During Moontime it is possible for us to rest and reset. It is what our body is screaming out for! If given the space and time, we can optimize our system and return to everyday life satisfied and fulfilled.

Here are some ideas to help spark your own process of what feels good to you!

6 self-care practices for a healthy moontime:

1- Schedule ‘Me Time’

Schedule time in your calendar in advance for alone time. Use this time to do whatever is it that you want. Even just for a portion of your bleed.

Don’t schedule anything else during this time slot and make it for however long as you need.

Your “me time” can be anything such as a day, 1/2 day or a few hours out in nature, or at home be yourself listening to music, laying in bed, a warm bath, watching a movie, ect. Maybe it’s getting a facial or massage. Perhaps it’s a combination of a few things.

Put your hands on your womb space and ask what you need in order to feel rested and rejuvenated. The answers will come.

2- Get your favorite moontime treats in advance:

Right before and during our moontime our bodies are burning about 500 more calories a day due to hormonal changes such as estrogen levels deceasing and progesterone levels increasing. Because of these hormonal changes your appetite will naturally increase. Go with the cycle and allow yourself to eat more.

Whatever it is that you crave whether it be sweet things, salty things, chewy things, creamy things, give yourself permission to indulge. Try to stick to yummy but healthy foods that fill you up. Feast on meals like healthy protein bars, vegetable and lentil soups, baked roast vegetables with brown rice, porridge with cinnamon and dates, and high quality fats like avocado, coconut oil, nuts. And of course, plenty of nourishing chocolate!

Get all of your favorite healthy treats and foods in advance so you have them ready to go when the cravings start to come on.

3- Set up a moon cave:

Set up sacred space somewhere in your home.A space where you know you can have some time alone.

Have everything you need in there. Music, guidance cards, journal, podcasts, essential oils, candle, snacks …anything you want at hand so that you can relax and not have to leave the cave very often.

This may take some communication and arrangement with your partner, children, friends or whoever else. Even if you give yourself an hour of cave time, it’ll make a difference.

4- Get comfy:

Buy yourself a pair of the most comfortable pj’s. Maybe even dedicate a pair or two of the most softest coziest pajamas you can find to your moontime. It will make this time even more special.

5- Buy yourself your favorite flowers

Because why not? The power of nature is healing so why not have nature close to you. Seeing and breathing in the essences of our favorite flower can offer an abundance of joy.

6- Do EXACTLY What You Want:

This blog may give guidelines and ideas, however, the one person we need to listen to is ourselves.

If you feel like exercising, go for it.

If you feel like sleeping, singing, crying, silence, being hugged, seeing nobody, watching love stories or chick flicks, eating less, eating more……go for it!

This is your time out. This time out is unique to you and what you need will shift and change each cycle. Listen to the wisdom of your womb and your cycle.

As your bleed starts to come to an end allow yourself to integrate slowly. Stay connected to the energy of healing. Self-care doesn’t have to end when our period has finished.

Remember to keep grounded within the wisdom of your cycle. As women, our natural rhythm is cyclical. Continue to tune into the messages your body is telling you.

Sending moontime blessings!

September 26, 2019 — A J