Yoni exercise, aka “yoni yoga,” has an array of benefits for your yoni and womb space!

Yoni yoga not only increases blood circulation, it stimulates nerve regeneration and increases sensitivity. Yoni yoga also helps tone your pelvic floor muscles to increase energy flow to the area.

Many women live a life disconnected from their vaginas.

This disconnection results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

However, women who have been practicing Yoni Yoga for a period of time say they are more capable of achieving orgasm alone and with their partner. It has given them more confidence and they feel healthier and sexy.

When doing Yoni Yoga you can choose to do it with a Gemstone Yoni Egg, which can promote even more well-being for your yoni, but is not necessary if you’re not ready for the egg.

The use of crystals is an ancient tradition around the world. Crystals are powerfully healing, cleansing, and activating. The combination of crystals plus yoni exercises is amazing.

Using yoni eggs creates a resistance training effect for your yoni. Whereas kegels are similar to bicep curls with no weight, adding the weight of the yoni egg creates an effect that has been called “kegels on steroids.”

Here are some benefits of Yoni Yoga to name a few.

Stronger vaginal muscles.

Increased sexual satisfaction

Bigger and better orgasms.

Multiple orgasms.

Increased libido

Have an easier childbirth and recover more quickly afterward.

Increased vaginal sensitivity.

Stops urinary incontinence.

Develop more self love

More connected to your powerful and sacred femininity

Transforms your relationship with your sexuality, especially if you’ve experienced sexual trauma

Increased metaphysical abilities

Increased circulation which produces more lubrication.

Reduces pelvic organ prolapse

Strengthens pelvic floor

Reduced menstrual cramps

If you are new to Yoni Yoga and using Gemstone Yoni Eggs check out our “Beginner’s Guide to Yoni Eggs”and our “Beginner Yoni Yoga”online class.

Yoni Yoga is an awesome way to make space for a ritual in your life that is enriching for your mind, body, and soul all at the same time! . Rituals can ground and center us, reminding us to align our actions with our values. Yoni yoga, as a ritual, allows us an opportunity to be intentional in all things that we show up for.

September 26, 2019 — A J