First and foremost, we need to understand, that we as humans are nature – and nature, as we know, is extremely powerful!  This information can deepen your felt experience of the womb-heart and inspire your own inner inquiry of the connection.

The connection between the heart and the womb can be seen as both real and practical, as well as mysterious and mystical.

The womb/uterus is your feminine center; the beginning of all of your creative energy. The Taoists call the uterus the Heavenly Palace, and see it as a woman’s main sexual center and a very powerful energy source.

The Heart plays a key role in controlling all other organs and for this reason it was often referred to as the Emperor in ancient texts.

Let’s first start with the physical relationship of the heart and the womb. The heart and womb share a mutual relationship to blood. The heart governs the blood and the uterus relies on blood for its function.

The “opening” and “closing” of the uterus for birth, ovulation, conception and menstruation are regulated by the heart and kidneys via the uterus vessel and energetic channel. The heart is responsible for the opening and the kidneys are responsible for closing. .

During ovulation, the heart opens the uterus to release the egg. When menstruating, the heart opens the uterus in order for the lining to shed. Throughout the action of birth, the  heart opens the uterus for the birth of a baby.

Understanding this process, you can see that the heart is intimately connected to the cervix. It affects cervical fluid, the openness or softness of the cervix which allows sperm to enter and blood or baby to leave.

Another essential way the heart and womb are connected is the uterus vessel. The uterus vessel connects the heart directly to the uterus, crossing the stomach according to some texts in Chinese medicine.

For these processes to function optimally, a woman’s heart and psyche needs to be nourished and strong.

Emotional stress, unresolved trauma or experiences and a restless mind can affect reproductive health through the womb-heart relationship.

The intimate womb-heart connection is what allows unprocessed experiences and/or emotions to be stored and held in the uterus, far away from the Emperor, the heart.

Because the uterus is a very accessible storage place, our psyche will store our experiences that are to much to digest in that moment in the space of the womb in order to keep the integrity of the heart.

If these unprocessed emotions and experiences are not tended to, the womb-heart connection will be weak.

This is an intelligent system in place to protect your body and lifeforce as a whole. Understanding this can help release shame and guilt associated with health and wellness challenges.

It’s important to be aware of how this may be affecting your ability to relate to your womb, fertility and sexuality.

The womb is a place of energetic transformation! This is true regardless if your physical womb is present or not.

The mystery is living in each of us and we all have a certain ability to manifest and re-create the future that we long for. Whether that means growing a child, building a business, creating art, cultivating land or many other possible dreams and seeds that need the fertile landscape of the womb to reach maturation.

Tending to your womb-heart  through meditation and tuning into the emotions we have in these areas, can help us unblock stuck emotions and build up our vital energy. This can help enhance our fertility, creativity, well-being and overall health.

See our  guided “Womb Meditation”to dive a little deeper into your own sacred womb-heart space.

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Sending an abundance of high vibrational loving energy your way!

September 26, 2019 — A J