My obsession for crystals is pretty much undeniable. I live crystals, from the fancy geodes around my house to the pocket crystals in my purse and even the yoni egg in my who-ha!  So when I heard about the Gua Sha crystal facial I was not only intrigued, but couldn’t wait to try one out myself! As a person that loves crystals and beauty this was a match made in nirvana for me.   Crystal’s harness healing properties so it only made sense these little gems would channel their energy into my skin.

So what exactly is a gua sha crystal facial… Gua Sha is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatment that goes back thousands of years.   Traditionally is was used on the body, but has made it’s way up to the face. Gua Sha is a pressured scrapping technique performed on the skin in order to stimulate blood circulation, release tension, remove toxins, break up fascia and create new collagen naturally bringing a vibrant youthful glow to the surface.

Naturally, I went out and got myself a rose quartz gua sha facial stone. It was a little tricky at first to get the technique just right, but once I did I could literally feel the scrapping away of wrinkles and toxins. After each treatment I feel great, refreshed, and best of all my skin is glowing!

No wonder this facial treatment is gaining so much popularity lately, it combines the crystal craze with holistic beauty and DIY trends all in one and not to mention it actually works, It has been around for thousands of years! I’m hooked, I have to say it’s one of my biggest obsessions now! They don’t call it natural botox for nothing.

Our Gemsthetics line of crystal facial tools are an all natural holistic approach to skin care and beauty rituals. 

November 01, 2017 — A J