I longed for a soul-rapturing orgasm. You know what I’m talking about… that moment where your eyes roll back. Your toes curl up and your back arches slightly. Your hands go grabbing for anything they could firmly clasp onto (usually the bed-sheet).

But I felt trapped within my own body. Kinda like a flower that had outgrown it’s pot.

I couldn’t walk past a mirror without loathing my reflection. Because of that my sexual flame was dying out on me. And orgasms -- whenever they happened -- just weren’t as potent as I know they could be...

Chances are that you can relate to my experience at some level…

You know that you have more to give but you just don’t know how or what to do…

Your ultimate goal is to reignite your yoni’s magic inner-healing potentials so that you can manifest abundance, self-love, and radiate with confidence…

And chances are you’ve tried everything… from yoga to hot massages and even tantric positions… but nothing has really worked for you.

That was me. And over the last seven years of trial and error, I learned that yoga, massages, and tantra weren’t the problem (they work)! It was me.

See, the absence of a self-love practice was creating a blockage of energy that was preventing me from deeply connecting with my inner goddess.

What I love most about practicing self-love is this: it can be easily (and effortlessly) integrated into your daily schedule without taking up any extra time. As women in this day-and-age, we’re busy. Our home relies on us for nurturing. We run our own businesses or have demanding jobs. We are lovers, friends, daughters, and so much more.

Applying these 7 easy self-love “hacks” will allow you to become more in tune with yourself. And it is that simple connection that fuels mind-blowing orgasms.

  1. You Are A Manifestation of The Divine Feminine

Activating self-love comes with the realization that you are a living, breathing manifestation of the Divine Feminine principle.

There is something paradigm shifting about knowing that little ol’ you -- right here, right now -- is a direct reflection of the divine source that nurtures humanity.

That’s powerful. Just take a deep breath, relax and affirm to yourself, “I am one with the Divine Source. The Divine Source and I are one.”

You are powerful. Own it.

  1. Nurture Your Body

Fast food. Processed foods. Quick snacks. The hustle-and-bustle of modern day society.

Although these foods satisfy one’s hunger quickly, they our leave bodies malnourished. Because of that our bodies do not receive the life-source that real foods provide. This leads to a lack of energy, feeling foggy-headed, and even decreased sexual energy!

Always on-the-go makes it difficult to cook healthy meals all the time. Even meal prepping for a whole week in advance can seem like a daunting task (especially if you’re a mother)!

What I’ve found is that integrating a variety of healthy snacks like oranges, pineapples, macadamia nuts, and easy vegetables like celery make a huge difference in my energy levels throughout the day! This is key. Because you are making small choices that are better for your body, you are consciously practicing self-love.

  1. Take Charge Of Your Professional Life

Being a mother of two young kids, it was very stressful trying to juggle work, personal, and mommy duties. If you’re a mother, you understand. There’s just never enough time to juggle all the hats you have to wear in a day.

Years of the same routine were wearing me thin. My sexual energy was suffering. That glow of self-love was waning from my eyes. I felt like an octopus on skates.

I decided enough was enough -- I couldn’t keep killing myself slowly. So over time I built an online business that revolves around my passion (women’s sexual health & magic).

Looking back, this was the most powerful thing I’ve done for myself. It was challenging, yes. But the amount of confidence, inner-power and personal freedom this little hustle has brought makes me feel like a true wonder woman (and my hubbie loves it).

How can you take charge of your professional life? Start a business? Go after that promotion?

Whatever your goals are, go after them. Find a support system of like-minded women and keep yourself accountable!

  1. Yesterday Is Gone, Tomorrow Has Not Yet Come…”

“...We have only today. Let us begin.” The timeless wisdom of Mother Teresa shines brightly here.

Her advice is simple: let yesterday go, let tomorrow go, focus on what you can do in the present moment.

Often we beat ourselves up over missed opportunities, insecurities, previous failures. We fret about the busy week ahead, the kiddos’ upcoming martial arts tournament, or how there’s never enough time to finally use that gym membership we bought in January.

Yes, you’re not perfect. Yes, you have a lot to work on. But guess what? You’re a superstar. A goddess incarnate. Right here, right now.

  1. Showing Love First

Out of all the “hacks” this is one is the easiest to do and the easiest to forget to do.

When we get home from our busy day sometimes all we want to do is unwind, relax, and maybe even sip on our favorite wine (I love merlot). I totally get it. However, I found that this simple little hack more than doubled my self-love.

Initiating love first could be a simple “I love you” text. A cute note. Leaving out their (the kids or hubbies) favorite snack so they don’t forget to eat it.

Love doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the easiest ways to love yourself is to know that you are appreciated and loved by others.

  1. Masturbation

Ahhh, yes. There is nothing more rejuvenating, revivifying, and rewarding than practicing self-love on yourself.

Personal intimacy does require a few minutes to yourself...but let me tell you,the benefits are mind-blowing. The ability to cater to what your yoni likes. To listen to what your body needs. Those few seconds of pure, unadulterated erotic bliss are your personal reward for championing all that life throws your way.

Also, masturbation has been linked to reduced stress, better sleep, and increased libido!

My favorite way to masturbate is to use a rose quartz yoni wand. With it, I am able to guide my yoni energy so that I can manifesting self-love, self-healing, and abundance more easily. An extra benefit of using the wand is that it helped tighten my pelvic wall which intensified my orgasms immediately!

  1. Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Paralysis by analysis is real. I used to scour the internet for hours waiting for that magical solution, for that one secret that was going to change my life once and for all.

Wanna know what I discovered? If you don’t take action on the things you already know -- nothing happens. I know -- shocking isn’t it? (*giggles*)

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. We let our excuses resound louder than our dreams and goals. Once you realize these little tendencies towards inaction, you can redirect your focus and truly awaken the self-loving goddess within you.

Self-Love Management Tips

It’s no secret -- there's a different kind of woman emerging in the world.

Confident. Enlightened. Liberated. Powerful. A true goddess, awakened to all her potential.

And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this: she’s emerging in you right now.

By gifting yourself to ability to exercise self-love, you are not only empowering your life, but that of those around you, too.

Allow that powerful, orgasmic woman to emerge from you once and for all! Right here, right now.
October 21, 2017 — A J