The pleasure you can experience is only limited to what you allow.


This over culture hates vibrant, erotic, sensual, fulfilled women.

So we are taught to deny our pleasure.

But here in this corner of the internet, we want you alive with pleasure!

We want you thriving in pleasure.

So how can you do that?

Now, pleasure is not only sexual.

Pleasure is the foundation for a juicy life.

The way you breathe can be pleasurable.

The way you eat can be pleasurable.

They way you move can be pleasurable.

Still, most women are turned off to the possibilities.

Shame has been ingrained into our systems at a young age. This stops us from sinking into the feeling of pleasure.

We deny it.

We run away from it.

As you awaken to your potential as a woman, you will begin to awaken to how much pleasure you can experience.


We each have a pleasure ceiling.

What is that?

It’s an invisible barrier within us that tells us this is enough goodness.

When we reach this point within us, we shoo away the possibility for more.

Because we cannot handle anymore.

You can have a short ceiling.

You can have a tall ceiling.

Everyone is different and unique in what they can handle.

Knowing the size of your capacity is the key to expanding it.


A way to create this expansion is through consciously allowing more in the moment.

Let’s say you are having a beautiful time with friends and you feel a resistance within yourself. You want to be alone now. You feel anxious. You feel like this is too good to be true. You don’t want to feel any happier because you are afraid that it’s too much.

Instead of shutting down, you breathe into this space. You locate where you feel the resistance and you breathe deep. You can say to yourself, “I deserve to feel this good” “I am worthy of pleasure” but you move through it.

The more you do this in the moment, the more you let your body know that it is safe to experience more joy and pleasure.

It is a matter of retraining your body.


A Self- Pleasure Practice for More 


Another way you can create a greater capacity for pleasure is to practice.

Play some music.

Bring in some oil.

And gently massage and pleasure your body.

Go slowly, with intention to feel all the pleasure you can feel and more.

Use a Yoni Wand for maximum experience ;)

You do not want to rush this practice so give yourself an hour at least.

You can also include a partner if they’re up for it.

Let yourself feel all that you can feel.


You were made for pleasure.

You were made for goodness.

What you allow to experience is up to you.

Soon enough, you will expand beyond to what you currently allow. This is your birthright.

So, enjoy the process of more ;)

Written By:Tania Maldanado

Photo Credit: Pierre Schmidt @dromsjel

December 09, 2021 — A J