There are so many layers to you. Who you have been and will be again, who you have been and will never be again, who you are in this moment, who you are but don’t yet know you are…

We have much to remember about our complexity, and feminine archetypes can help.

The Maiden reminds us to bring forth our dreamy inner child who meets each day with excitement and wonder.

The Lover reminds us to step into our sensuality and bring our eortic energy with us wherever we go.

The Mother reminds us to honor our rhythms and self-nurture so that we can sustainably give the gift of our warmth to others.

The Huntress reminds us to fiercely pursue our personal goals with dedication and intentionality.

The Creatrix reminds us that we are inherently creative, channels for the divine, and that space to be is required for creative expression to flow.

The Queen reminds us to step confidently into our power. 

The Wild Woman reminds us to listen boldly to the subtle whispers of our soul (intuition) and surrender to the cycles of life and death - whether it’s a rebirth of a part of ourselves or some aspect of our outer life slipping away.

The Crone reminds us that there is inner depth and wisdom beyond what meets the eye.

Archetypes are combinations of qualities, motivations, patterns, thoughts and behaviors. Or as Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes them: Archetypes are layers of the psyche, like little dolls that live inside of us.

We can call on the archetypal energies to see where we may be living out of balance or out of alignment. In doing so, these little dolls inside can ground us in who we already are, show us what qualities to embody to blossom into full self-expression, and illuminate when we’re living in the shadow, feeling stuck in a greyed out version of ourselves.

For example, overidentification with the Mother, or caregiver archetype can cause a person to lose themselves in selflessness and people pleasing. They put their own needs and desires for love, connection, joy and pleasure on the back burner. They lose any sense of who they are and what their boundaries are, and may even grow resentful or burn out. 

When this happens, they can invite in the Lover and the Wild Woman to bring color and adventure back into their life, and remember the part of themselves that is unapologetically self-honoring, self-loving and self-serving.

So, what energies are you called to embody today, this week, this month, next year? The feminine archetypes are here to guide you. Here are a couple of articles to help you dig deeper:

By Allie Andrews, Self-Care & Intimacy Coach

Instagram: @iamallieandrews

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December 02, 2021 — A J