The people you surround yourself with will either drain you or uplift you.

They will support you or discourage you.

They will affect how your life flows.


When you entertain connections that do not bring much to your life, or when a connection has reached its expiry date, you will begin to feel the call to let them go.


But, how do you really know when it’s time to let someone go from your life?


The connection feels strained.

There is no growth between the two of you.

It can even feel toxic.

There is little understanding and communication.

It feels stagnant, limited, and there is little nourishment.

Maybe you are the only one putting in the work.

Maybe you are the only one that gives.

You don’t feel like this connection is really doing much for you.


When these signs begin to show themselves, it is time.

The thing with ending a connection though, is that it can be messy.

There are so many factors to consider.


One factor is how you feel about it.

Guilt might appear.

You feel comfortable with them. They know you. Even though it doesn’t help you thrive, at least they are there for you.

So you may even feel afraid to let them go.

Or maybe you are ready.

Whatever you feel, your emotions are normal.

Give yourself space to feel what you need to.


Another thing to consider is how to do it.

Because releasing a soul connection is hard.

It is a death.

An ending.

You don’t know how it will be without them.

You don’t know how they will react.

There are so many unknowns.

When the time comes, end it the way you think is best.

Maybe that includes a conversation with them about moving on.

Maybe for your safety it’s a phone call. Or an e-mail.

Your wellbeing comes first.

Whatever avenue you choose, you are dong this for both of you. 

Because letting go of a relationship alway benefits both parties. Even if it doesn’t feel the way.


When the relationship has ended, there is a mourning period.

You will probably miss them.

You might cry. 

You might still feel the bond.


You might be angry at yourself.

Or angry at them.

Regrets of how things could have been different might play in your head.

Remember: everything you experience is valid.

This person meant so much to you.

Let yourself grieve.

Be whatever you need to be to move on.


Because as you move forward, connections that will help you grow will appear.

Relationships that benefit you will show up

Life is for you.

Friendships are for you.

Romantic connections are for you.

Let yourself be supported with people who are good for you.

Let yourself be loved by people who know how precious you are.

Let go and let something even better show up.

Written By Tania Maldonado
Social @Iamtaniaheart


October 20, 2021 — A J