When an emotion is not processed, it is stored in our body.

Because it was not given the space to be felt, it is not given the space to be released.

The emotions we feel needs to go somewhere and so it stays in our muscles and tissues when we suppress them.

This can build up and create chronic illness and disease.

A specific spot that stores unprocessed emotions as women are in our breasts.

When sadness, fear, jealousy, anger, helplessness, and guilt cannot be honored, it stays in the tissues close to the heart.

We become closed to life, unable to receive, and our health is compromised.

This is a common result in modern society.

We are told not to feel.

We are told it is weak to do so.

We are told we are better off without so many emotions 

So, what can we do to honor our emotions and the health of our breasts at the same time?


Breast massage is exactly what the name suggests: a massage for your breasts.

This is a practice that has been performed for thousands of years.

Popular in many different cultures around the world, women would perform this act daily.

During the massage, we are engaging the tissues in our breasts which will help release any stored emotions that we are keeping inside the body.

Along with the benefit of emotional release, breast massage can also:

  • Improve lactation
  • Improve circulation
  • Aid with lympathic drainage
  • Relieve stress
  • Detect any abnormality in the breast tissue 


To perform this practice yourself, grab your favorite oil (olive, coconut, etc) put on some relaxing music, and make sure you have 5 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Take a few deep breaths while you warm the oil in between your palms. Make the intention that you are connecting to your breast for healing, love, and peace.

When you are ready to begin, starting from the nipple and going outward, work your hands in a circular clockwise motion.

Start soft, especially if there is any soreness, and apply as much pressure as you are comfortable with as the massage continues.

As you move your way to the armpits and outer breasts, make sure to massage upward towards the shoulders to help with lymphatic draining.

While you massage your breasts, make sure you are taking deep and even breaths.

If emotions arise, let yourself feel them.

You may cry.

You may laugh.

You may feel numbness.

You may feel anger. 

You may feel pleasure.

Whatever you feel, know that it’s okay to feel them. This massage is allowing any built-up emotions to be felt and then released.

Give yourself grace and enjoy the time of self-care and love.


When we honor our emotions, we are healthier in all aspects of our lives.

Breast massage gives us the space to physically release the emotions which will create more space for love, vitality, and health.

Give your breasts some love and attention and your emotions will flow.


Written By: Tania Maldonado
Social: @iamtaniaheart
October 13, 2021 — A J