How do we root into our essence? How do we discern our inner knowing from the pokes and prods of our programming, and the opinions and expectations of others? 

I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes intuition feels elusive and ephemeral. I want to live in alignment with my inner compass, but when push comes to shove it sometimes feels impossible to do the intuitive thing.

When, if ever, do you struggle to follow your intuition? I tend to stray when the stakes are low or it requires that I disappoint someone. And when it comes to love, trusting my internal GPS to let go can feel like death is upon me. (I can’t tell you how many times I have steamrolled my intuition in relationships because my abandonment alarm was beeping and blinking red. So much so that I would cleverly convince myself that it was my intuition telling me to stay, even though it was my deepest fear.)

Intuitive whispers are easily overpowered by fear, a desire to be well-behaved, meet expectations, do the logical thing, etc. Just yesterday I strayed from my intuition because my rational mind convinced me to. It wasn’t a big deal; an opportunity to attend an event came up and intuitively I knew that going would not nourish me in the way I needed, but I convinced myself to go because: who knew who I would meet, what I would learn, or where it would take me. I’m new in this city, I should really put myself out there.

Have you ever rationalized away your intuition like this?

Culture encourages neglect of intuition for more visible and rational guideposts, which adds fuel to the feeling that we are less than we really are. The result of this kind of self-abandonment can range anywhere from clunky to painful to dangerous. But whatever the breadth of the impact, because intuition is an essential part of our inner self, when we diverge from it we feel fragmented, unintegrated, out of alignment. We feel like something is missing in us, because it is.

In Women Who Run With the Wolves, author Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes intuition as being “many-eyed”. She writes: “When we assert intuition we are like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes.”

Intuition is both wise and instinctual. It’s a clear thought, a whole body knowing, a punch in the stomach, a subtle nudge, a cat playfully clawing for our attention. It’s a felt sense, a sentence, an impulse filtered through the highly developed human nervous system and plugged into Universal Intelligence. In its purest form, intuition can be trusted to guide us to our next best move every single time

So how do we polish the window of our intuition so we can see clearly where it’s pointing us? 

Pinkloa reminds us that intuition is fed by our listening and refined each time we choose to follow its lead. So to hone intuition we must exercise our receptivity -- receptivity in the sense of receiving stimuli and responding, rather than holding hard and fast to the plan. And we must pay close attention at each and every juncture -- from choosing what we’ll eat to where we’ll live -- how and where our intuition is communicating with us: Does she speak to you through your heart, gut, pussy, womb, mind, an ever changing combination? Does she come through when you summon her? (My guess is yes).

Attuning to and employing intuition can help us navigate life with more confidence and continuously re-root into our feminine essence.

So next time you feel stuck or small or fearful of what the future holds, remember that beneath the thought, beyond the pain, your intuition steadily splashes. And when you’re ready, reuniting will revive your sense of wholeness and direction.

By Allie Andrews, Health & Intimacy Coach, Founder OmBody Health // Instagram: @iamallieandrews

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November 04, 2021 — A J