A sexual energy altar is a space dedicated to your sexual energy development.  This altar is a sacred space where your sexual desires take form to be represented in the physical realm. It is a space where you can work with your sexual energy cultivation through self-pleasure and self-love.

An altar is created from your heart.  When you build an altar, it is important to bring all your presence and intention into the creating.  This presence is what builds the energy vortex.

An altar dedicated for your sexual energy is sacred.  Your sexual energy is powerful. It is the ultimate creative force so be mindful that this power can manifest things quickly.

A sexual energy altar can be anywhere and any size, however, for this particular altar I recommend creating your sexual energy altar in your bedroom. For example, your altar can be a corner of a table in your bedroom or a space on the bookshelf.  It’s important to make sure it is in sight, a place you see daily without doubt. As you work this altar, you want it to be seen as much as possible.

There is no right or wrong to building an altar.  It is all in how you feel about it. The emotions you bring. The presence and the intention.  It’s important to remember your sexual energy is foundational and therefore grounding.  We are moving the energy created in our root chakras and allowing it to flow up. Working with your sexual energy is a tool that keeps you authentic as you engage with others.  Knowing what you want, what is pleasurable and how the energy moves through you, is empowering.

Creating Your Altar: Step by Step Guide

The most important thing to remember as you begin the process to creating your sacred space is there is not a right way or a wrong way to do this.  It is completely up to you on how and why you are creating an altar.

Building an altar is a practice in listening and connecting to your intuition.  You are a sacred being.  Trust yourself and allow your intuition to guide you.  This is a very creative practice.  Listen to what and how you feel called to gather items that represent your sexual energy.

This is a four step process.  Four is the grounding force.  It is the energy of the four points, four directions.  There is a powerful significance for the number four.  It is the home energy.  Creating an altar following these four steps sets up the intention of grounding, roots in this world so you can be stable as you journey into the spirit realm.  You need the roots of the tree before the branches can dance.

To begin an altar you do not need to have many objects or things.  An altar can be created in minutes.  Intention and presence are the most important aspects when creating the space.  You can build an altar by using items you currently have around you. The process of grouping them together with an intention is the actual sacred act.  You can always grow your altar and change the items involved.

Step 1: State your Intention for a Sexual Energy Altar

The intention of your altar is what you keep as you continue on the process of creating.

Step 2: Choose a Space

This can be anywhere.  It can be a simple table top in the corner of a room in your home or office, a shoe box if you are a bit of a nomad, or it can be an entire room.  Begin with one space, one area for this one altar.  You can have many altars around you but start with one with your one intention now.

Step 3: Choose Sacred Objects

This is the most creative aspect.  This is the step that you let your unique needs, desires, and style come into play.  An object becomes sacred when you hold it and recognize it as a symbol of an intention.  Therefore, a scared object can really be anything that holds your intention.  For example, I have my rose quartz yoni wand and jade egg on my sexual energy altar. I also have a vase of roses, red candle, an image of the goddess Isis and a silk scarf.

Step 4: Evoke you Senses

After you choose your space, you have your items, you now begin the practice of bringing your full attention to the space. The way to do this is to evoke your senses. 

Smell: Incense, essential oils or smudge sticks.  Use natural and organic.

Sight: The look of your altar. Notice the lighting of the space, the arrangement of the objects.  Does the sight of your altar bring your sexual energy to your awareness? 

Taste: You can incorporate food items when you are at your altar like dark chocolate or teas.

Sound:  Music, symbols, bells, singing bowls can all be incorporated when sitting at your altar.  Again, this is intuitive so be mindful of what you are feeling in the moment.  Your breath is also an option listening to the beat of your heart and the inhale and exhale are stimulating your auditory sense.

Touch: Fabrics, stones, wood, feathers; all bring different textures to your altar. If you are going to sit at your altar, are you sitting on a rug or the bare floor? What is coming in contact with your skin?  Notice how these things feel on your body.  You want to be comfortable in your skin. Be mindful and present with your body and the experience.

Your sexual energy altar is a representation of your sexuality! Remember to bring in all aspects of you. The sexual, sensual, kinky, and energetic.  They are all sacred and important to recognize and work with.  You are here to embody your deepest desires. Remember, pleasure is a birthright and sexual energy is yours to own.  Make some magic!

Have fun exploring!

Written by: Monique Gomez
Intuitive Sex Coach/Teacher
November 13, 2019 — A J