Your Heart Chakra Governs all Aspects of Love

Love of self.

Love of other.

It is the focal point in which we can access the frequency of love.

It is the way we can feel the deep connection to all, and luxuriate in that oneness.

When our hearts are blocked, we are not able to truly bask in the frequency of love.

Emotions like grief, sadness, and pain stored in the heart can create this disconnection.

When we do not deal with these emotions as they come, and instead ignore them or stuff them down, we are blocked from accessing the universal intelligence of l

We forget that love is all around us, including within us.

We are less compassionate, less understanding, and less forgiving.

But to truly live, we must live with an open heart.

We must be willing to expose our vulnerability, our deepest feelings, and receive the love that exists in everything.


The Heart-Breast Connection

The physical manifestation of the heart chakra are the breasts. 

Made to feed and nourish, our breasts are access points into connecting and healing the heart. 

When we care and pay attention to our breasts, we are able to release stored emotions which in turn allows us to feel clear and alive. 

With the sexualization of breasts, most women shy away from noticing, or touching them, unless it is in a sexual manner. 

But breasts are not inherently sexual.

They were made to feed life.

So how can we connect to our breasts to heal the heart?


Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is the act of clearing dead skin, improving circulation, and assisting in lymphatic drainage using a dry bristled brush.

By dry brushing the shoulders, neck, breasts, and arms, you are creating a conscious connection to the heart while also clearing it. 

It is a great way to attend to your breasts and clear any emotions that want to be cleared.

Before you dry brush, set the intention that you are physically and energetically clearing away anything that no longer serves you. 

Take deep breaths while you dry brush, go slow, and be mindful of the process.


Breast Massage

This is the most effective way to heal the heart through the breasts.

A breast massage is exactly what it sounds like- a massage for your breasts.

There are many benefits to a breast massage like:

Helps to detects any lumps 

Supports lymphatic drainage 

Produces more milk if you are breastfeeding

Eases sore muscles

Helps prevent sagging

Releases stagnant emotions

So, how do you perform a breast massage?

It is simple, and will only take 5 minutes of your time. 

Have some oil handy, and take a few breaths before starting.

You can also set an intention before starting, like “This breast massage will help me feel more emotionally clear and joyful”

When you are ready you will grab your oil and place some in your hands. Rub your palms together and place your hands on your breasts.

Take a few seconds to breathe with your hands still.

You can then move your hands in a clockwise circular motion. Be gentle and apply pressure when needed. Let the circles become bigger and bigger as you move outward. Make sure to massage the entirety of your chest. 

When you are finished take a few more seconds to sit in the energy created. It is normal if you cry or feel many different emotions come up as you massage yourself this way.

Know that you are connecting to the heart this way, and it’s healing to feel many things, let yourself feel them.

These ways of connecting to your heart chakra through your breasts will allow you to heal and connect to the love that is ever present- in you and in all.

June 05, 2022 — A J