Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies on this planet. It is literally used to bring humans to this world.

It is our creative, life force energy.

Our vitality.

Our aliveness.

It is also a way to powerfully manifest whatever our hearts desire.

How do we do this? Through Sex Magick. 

What is Sex Magick? 

Sex Magick is a term used to describe directing orgasm and sexual energy into an intention or manifestation. By focusing this powerful energy into the intention you desire, that desire can quickly form into reality.

This is why it is so powerful, it is utilizing the energy of your orgasm into something other than pleasure.

Now, there is nothing wrong with an orgasm just for orgasm sake, but with sex magick, that energy is given direction into a specific purpose. This is where you are accessing your full powers as a creator.

How do you Prepare for Sex Magick?

Intention is key here.

Before you begin a self pleasure session, or a sex session with a lover, take the time to mediate on what it is you want to bring into reality using this energy.

When it comes to doing it with a partner, it is a little tricker, because it is another energy to consider. As long as they are doing the meditation process with you, and is focusing their energy on what you want to bring in, then it is fine. It will even amplify the energy more. But they have to be on the same page as you.

For a beginner, a solo session is best.

When it comes to the session, you must set the space for the manifestation.

Light candles, play music without lyrics, and sage the space. 

When it comes to your actual manifestation, make it as clear, direct, and simple as you can.

It shouldn’t be too complicated, or a million things at once.

It can be a quality you want to embody, a physical object, or a goal.

Write it down on a piece of paper, speak it out loud, and declare that this sexual session is to amplify this intention.

When it comes down to it. how do you perform Sex Magick?

The build up is the cherry on top.

Don’t just quickly orgasm and get it over with it.

Prolong the experience.

Practice edging. 

Let it be slow.

Let the energy build.

The more powerful the energy, the more powerful the manifestation.

As the energy builds, have the intention in the forefront of your mind.

Chant the manifestation if it helps.

Let it get bigger and bigger and bigger.

And then when you’re ready, orgasm with the manifestation on your thoughts. Scream it out.

Let the energy wash over you with the manifestation present.

Bask in the post glow knowing the manifestation is here.

What do you do after the Session is over?

All you have to do is let life do its thing.

Don’t try to control how it will come.

Don’t hyper fixate on it.

Believe that it is done, and it will be.

If you receive any intuitive hints, follow them.

If you have the desire to take action on something, follow that.

Listen to what shows up, and surrender to how it does. 

There is so much power in Sex Magick. It shows us how much potential we have as creators. Have with it. Soon enough, you’ll be a powerful Sex Witch, manifesting all she wants, with her pleasure and orgasms.


June 13, 2022 — A J