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Re-post from Mind Body Green

Written by: Molly McConnell

I recently invested in a yoni egg. That's right, I moved to Boulder and bought a yoni egg. I did exactly that. Should I add that this happened on a new moon? While this sentiment may sound quite cliché, my experience was surprisingly profound.

Yoni is the ancient and beloved Sanskrit term for "vagina." The egg refers to a semiprecious stone (usually rose quartz, jade, or obsidian) and is designed in a small and smooth shape to rest comfortably inside the body, just below the womb space. Is this starting to sound crazy? Like I said, I just moved to Boulder—a place where trend and spirituality blur a fine line.

I'll tell you right now, it was not my intention to participate in a spiritual trend. Rather, my intention was to attend a free meditation workshop. The free component was particularly appealing to me, and the fact that yoni eggs would be available for purchase seemed almost irrelevant. After all, I did not know I was in the market for a yoni crystal - most people don't.

So, I arrive to this meditation, generally honored to be in a circle of conscious women and authentically appreciating the opportunity to reflect on the potent divine. We gather and share a bit about ourselves, after which the woman guiding the meditation (a full-on yoni egg enthusiast) begins to share her experience with the yoni egg.

The bonds that we create to strengthen each other form the support that allows us to explore our own depths and behold our own wonders.

She explains the benefits of engaging certain pressure points for hormonal balance and the powerful vibrations for healing. Before I knew it, I was curious—maybe even convinced. I found myself selecting a brand-new, beautiful, perfect jade egg, and inserting it just before the meditation began.

Now, I'm not saying that I felt tricked; I'm saying that it was absolutely worth it. Stay with me, I'll explain. Maybe it has something to do with my recent revisiting of the Vagina Monologues, but I have been feeling exceptionally strong in my womanhood and entirely empowered by my sisters. The bonds that we create to strengthen each other form the support that allows us to explore our own depths and behold our own wonders.

This shift into the sacred was so grand that I was unable to fully acknowledge the new place where I found myself for fear that I would not recognize it.

I left the meditation feeling so inspired that I was almost baffled. How could I have spent all of this time not meditating on my womb space—the seat of my soul, the source of my sweetness, my surrender, my shakti?! Our personal and collective power comes from the divine feminine. It is the primal and creative energy of shakti, the rising of kundalini, the root of life and portal into human existence. This is the place. It is the space that has always been there and the place we all come from.

Somewhere in the depths of my own bafflement, I almost convinced myself that nothing momentous had happened at all—that the meditation was nice but that I hadn't felt anything else. It was as if I wasn't entirely aware that I had reactivated the power of my own divinity—as if this shift was so grand that I was unable to fully acknowledge the new place I found myself.

I returned home in a glow, stopping frequently to write down my reflections. A shift was happening. Maybe the shift is always happening, and our awareness allows us the ability to see it. It is all part of the meditation of observing—the sweet balance between staying grounded and embracing growth.

I will now share with you my reflection. When I put these words to paper, I thought I was the one writing them. I thought this was my message to other women, but as I come back to it, I am confronted with the fact that this is actually a letter to myself, a homecoming letter of sorts. In fact, let's call it a love letter—from yoni to soul.

What I really need to say to you is:

Welcome back.

How does it feel to live inside your own womb?

How does it feel to come home?

The place where you are greeted by the Goddess.

She is fierce and gentle.

She is safe.

She is here; she is whole.

She is you.

How does it feel to be surrounded by your own magic?

To be held in your own grace?

You have done it.

You have awakened to the dream.

Welcome to exactly where you need to be.

It is not so unfamiliar here.

You have felt this before.

Do you remember the precise moment

When you realized you'd lost yourself?

What about the moment when you kissed the Divine—

And came back again?

Welcome back, my love.

You do not need a yoni egg to explore the depths of your feminine soul; the egg is simply a tool to facilitate the journey. There are many means to an end. You could begin by acquiring jade and rose quartz in non-yoni egg form to wear as jewelry or place on an altar or windowsill.

Another way to honor your divine power is by engaging in your local feminist activist community. You can attend seminars, lectures, or circles to raise your awareness and draw on your divinity! I have been particularly activated by the HerStory Seminar Series here in Boulder. You can also meet with your own community of conscious women, gathering around the new or full moon to raise your collective vibration—maybe igniting a powerful intention or just holding space for one another.

Try meditating on your womb space, allowing even a small amount of time for self-love and reflection each day. Adorn yourself in essential oils of jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver to engage the fullness of your sensory, sensual experience as a goddess. Or concoct a sexy, saffron-infused golden milk, sweetened with dates. And when all else fails, wear red. In Hindu mythology, red symbolizes feminine action. It represents power and bravery—qualities that are waiting to emerge within all of us.

I now find the radiance of my feminism unfolding daily. I am grateful for all the tools, the exercises, and the women who have supported—and sometimes expedited—this glorious process. Every day we are coming more deeply into our most authentic selves, as we are continuously granted the profound opportunity to touch the Divine.

December 29, 2019 — A J