A Simple Practice to Spark Creativity and Be More Magnetic 

How do we open ourselves fully to receiving life, and our lover(s)?

How do we untangle the knots in our nervous system formed over lifetimes of trying to stay safe and gain approval so we can receive what the creative spirit wants to express through us?

How do we embody feminine receptivity; the energy that makes us magnetic, and can feel at once so native and so foreign?

I don’t know about you, but I’m no expert at settling into my deep feminine within the busyness of daily life (and I don’t even have kids yet!). For me this dance with yin and yang, moon and sun, feminine and masculine energy requires ongoing awareness and intention.

Patriarchal conditioning tells us that we should be busy, so when we’re not we feel lazy (beneath which probably splashes some shame). Scarce are the days spent immersed in nature, receiving the wild around and inside of us: following the stream to see where it leads, making fairy houses from sticks, bark, and leaves, eating when our body signals us, retreating to our favorite spot amongst the trees when we sense a desire to be alone.

Expectations (“shoulds”) are not bad, they’re complicated. The major problem I see with expectations is that they are inevitably entangled with perfectionism and people pleasing, which means they often don’t come from the inherently worthy, self-honoring, intuitive side that we all have.

Plus, running around meeting expectations takes up valuable time and headspace that we could spend sensing and responding to the signals and stimuli that are guiding us toward greater wellbeing, abundance and impact in our own unique way.

Imagine you wrap up a day’s work: The laundry isn’t folded, the dishes aren’t washed, the house is a bit desheveled, you have a few unanswered (non urgent) emails, phone calls and texts, you haven’t gone to the gym, your kids are clawing for your attention, AND, on top of all of that, you’re fucking exhausted yet you can’t seem to stop.

This is the result of a yang-focused day; all of your energy spilling out (expanding) without enough focus on high-quality self-replenishment (yin, contracting, pulling in). You know, the kind of replenishment that resensitizes you to the pleasure of a lover’s fingertips grazing your naked belly, inching toward your inner thighs...

This is where the simple yet powerful practice of transition time comes in.

Transition time is sacred space carved into your schedule -- when switching from one task, meeting or location to another, before embarking on a creative pursuit, and especially when coming home to yourself or your family after a productivity-focused day -- to settle into your feminine self, stop performing, and remember where your power lies.

During transition time, the focus is on the present not the outcome. The body not the to-do list. This is time to lean back. To shift your energy from doing to being. From forcing to allowing.

When you use transition rituals like those listed below to change gears, not only will the creative spirit be able to move through you with more ease, but you will be irresistible your masculine-energy partner (if you have or desire one) -- who really does want to provide for you, and is both soothed and inspired when you slow down and receive life.

  • Take a bath
  • Practice yin or restorative yoga
  • Use your jade egg, with extra focus on releasing and relaxing your pelvic floor and entire body after each contraction around the egg
  • Massage and/or pleasure yourself using your wand or fingers with more focus on sensation and letting go and less on orgasm (tricky, I know)
  • Take a slow, meandering, tech free walking meditation
  • Light a candle and release the weight of the day into your journal
  • Snuggle with your pet or sleepy child
  • Remove restrictive clothing and lean back with a cup of hot tea, simply feeling and breathing (physically leaning back is a powerful way to embody feminine energy anytime)
  • Walk or lay barefoot on the grass and ground your energy into the earth (Bonus practice: rest your forehead on the grass, grounding your third eye, center of intuition, and aligning your vibration with the earth’s)

Now, take 5-minutes to make a short list of your own transition rituals.

By Allie Andrews, Self-Care Coach & Founder of OmBody Health


IG: @iamallieandrews

Artwork IG: @leaandroicart


August 18, 2021 — A J