I booked a one way airplane ticket today.


Because there was the desire to.

Because my soul knew what the next steps were and I followed that call. 


It is vital for the human spirit, especially the wild human spirit, to do what lights us up.

To do the things that are calling to us.

To do the things we know we must do.


We live in a culture that denies the soul.

It prioritizes progress, money, productivity, and doing what we can to enhance the economy.

All while doing things for the ego’s sake.

They tell us to follow our desires, but only if it fits their agenda.


What happens when we deny our soul to follow what we think we should be doing?

We waste away.

We shrink.

We decay.

We burn out.

We stop living.


Your current life may feel safe.

It may be comfy.

Surrounded by the softest pillows and blankets.

But if it denies what you truly want, it is a prison.

Your 9-5 provides stability, but is worth the numbness?

What would you do if you knew you would be supported?


I went to University because I thought it was the route that would lead to stability.

It was what my parents wanted.

It was what society told me I needed to do to have a good life.

But it almost killed me.

Depressed and anxious, I knew that this couldn’t be the life I had to live.

I needed to do something else, or I would wither away.


It was with that decision that I began to follow my curiosities

What do I want to do?

What should I try?

What do I want my life to look like 5 years from now?

These were questions I asked myself.

I got honest with myself and followed the path that felt more true.

This lead me to writing, teaching, travelling, my partner, my son, and the life I have now.

Fulfilled. Inspired. Passionate. Loved. Mine.


The soul knows what it wants.

It’s our human mind that gets in the way.

The soul yearns.

The mind rationalizes.

The soul whispers.

The mind screams.

Which one will you listen to?

Which one will you follow?


People will try to convince you not to do what you really want.

They will try to keep you in your prison because they are in theirs.

They will call it stupid.

They will call it reckless.

They will call it delusional.

But great things do not happen by scared hearts.

Only the brave live.

Only the ones willing to take the plunge will see how deep the waters go.


So how can you begin to follow your desires?

Start asking yourself the questions that will lead you there:

What do I really want?

What am I curious to try?

What have I always wanted to do?

What are 3 things I want to do before I die?

Read books to inspire you:

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Say the affirmations:

I am divinely guided.

I am following my soul’s desires.

I am protected in my desires.

I am surrounded by support in my calling.

The whole Universe is cheering you on.

You just have to brave enough.

You got this.



Written by: Tania Maldonado

August 31, 2021 — A J