Release, Heal & Feel | A Yoni De-Armouring Course

$ 111.00

Yoni de-armouring!

Yoni De-Armoring is a healing practice to increase sensation and pleasure and heal emotional shadows and traumas that are held in the yoni. As women we store emotional “trauma” inside from past relationships and emotions we’ve felt, but haven’t processed. It builds up into a sort of “armor” and all that stuck energy creates numbness and disconnection in your yoni.

In this course you will learn how to use a yoni wand to target different pressure points of your yoni to release energy and emotions and wake up sensation in your yoni. On top of the amazing healing benefits, this practice is what enables you to actually start experiencing g-spot and cervical orgasms, and squirting.

  • Online course, complete at your own pace
  • Course never expires
  • Includes a rose quartz yoni wand - Medium Slim 
  • Creates a connection between you and your yoni
  • Release stored trauma
  • Created by: Stephanie Pappas; A certified Erotic Blueprint Coach

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    Includes: One 30 minute video, one PDF instructional download with a 25 minute hands on exercise and one rose quartz yoni wand.

    This course is ideal for all women looking to "de-armour" their yoni from past negative experiences, trauma and/or built up emotions.

    Once the course has been purchased you will receive the materials within 24 hours via email.  The yoni wand will ship and be delivered within 3-5 business days. Support from Stephanie will be available during your time completing the course.  


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