Smoky Quartz Terminated Point

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A powerful versatile energy tool; our smoky quartz crystal point is the perfect ally for when you need to focus and direct energy into your intentions. Whether you want to direct energy, re-balance your chakras, mediate or clear your space, the single terminated point will harmoniously guide your intuition along the way.

  • Smoky Quartz
  • Perfect size to fit in the palm of your hands
  • Amplifies intentions
  • Directs energetic balance
  • Encourages stillness and focus
  • Clears auras 
  • MOHS Rating: 7

    Origin: Brazil

    Size: 3.5-4" tall x .8"-1" wide


    Each smoky quartz will have a variation of light grey to deep dark translucent grey color tones.

    Smoky Quartz corresponds to the Root chakra

    Smoky Quartz was known as a stone of power, with the ability to protect and ground one physically and spiritually to this world, and to absorb and transmute significant amounts of negative energy and release it into the Earth to be neutralized naturally. It provides a vital shield against psychic attack, emotional and environmental stress, and is used extensively in healing and meditation.

    When placed facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward.

    When the point is placed facing inward, the crystal focuses the energy inward.

    Crystal point configuration represents the chakra system with the tip of the point connecting the crown chakra with divine source and the base of the crystal providing a foundation for grounding. 

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