Rhodonite Spiral Yoni Wand

$ 89.99

Excite your muscles and yoni with our spiral massage wands. Hand carved into the perfect shaped spirals you're sure to awaken pleasure points you never knew existed. This rhodonite crystal massage wand will fill you with vibrant love and energy whether you use it as a rhodonite dildo or body massager.

Crystal Properties
Chakra: Heart
Rhodonite’s qualities synthesize and balance, fusing loving energy into all your actions.  Using this stone brings about the delicate balance between the spiritual attunement of the Universe with the energies of the Earth plane with a calm assurance that encourages generosity of spirit.  It gently helps you grasp your personal relationship to a meaningful purpose, assisting with the recognition of the necessary actions towards brotherhood and coherence.  This Tauran mineral helps every goddess achieve her highest potential, dispelling anxiety and bringing forth an observant nature that is lovingly attentive to the details of interrelationships.  This stone of love activates the pineal gland and stimulates your intuitive guidance such that blockages are removed and your heart chakra enlivens placing your feet on a balanced path between the yin-yang energies life presents.  

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