Palo Santo Lavender Rose Stick

$ 4.99

Clear your space with a one of a kind holy wood palo santo stick. Harvested from Mexico, bundled with organic lavender and rose petals. Activate, bless, cleanse or heal through the connection of spiritually nourishing your life.

  • Engertically cleanse and clear your space or crystals
  • Organic wildcrafted palo santo
  • Spiritually nourish
  • Ingredients: palo santo, lavender and rose petals

    Length:Approximately 4"-5"

    String: Organic hemp string

    Includes: 1 stick

    To burn, light the end of the palo santo stick and let it smolder enough to fill or wash your space with the resinous scent of the mountainous west! Re-light as desired and always have a bowl nearby to extinguish.

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