Obsidian Clitoris Yoni Wand

$ 29.99

Known for its strong grounding properties, Obsidian is a favorite for anyone who wants to feel an intense connection between themselves and their yoni wand. Its powerful protection qualities will leave you feeling balanced, fulfilled and cleansed. Perfectly sized to gently massage you into a frenzy of quivers and moans with this beautifully crafted clitoris wand. Get excited with this bold shadow character that will tease and lure you into a deep and dark pleasurable orgasm. 
Crystal Properties
Chakra: Root
Boldly connect and ground the base of your spine to the heart of mother Earth with this lustrous volcanic glass and gain a clear and stimulating picture of what is your required course of action!  Step into the fullness of your feminine power with a shield that transforms the negative vibrations within your environment and disperses the thoughts that arise against yourself.  Obsidian stands firm with you and provides clarity for both healer and subject, bringing additional clarity to the necessary changes that move you towards the improvement of your health.  Obsidian finds the flaws by focusing your inner vision such that you can clearly see the actions you must take.

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