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Organic, Extra Gentle Feminine Wash & Yoni Egg Soap

$ 13.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs

Our organic pH balanced yoni egg and vaginal wash gently cleanses with botanical based surfactants. Soft herbal extracts of Rosemary and Aloe Vera soothe and nourish your sacred space and yoni gemstones. 

New formula! Now with dry herbs of Lavender, Rose and chamomile! Natural herbal extracts will infuse directly into the yoni cleanse (herbs not listed on ingredient label). 

Our custom blended yoni wash promotes silky smooth labia skin and provides lipid relief to nourish, all while leaving your natural pH right where it's supposed to be.  

To maintain your natural feminine balance, we do not scent our Yoni Cleanse.

Comes in a 100ml (8oz) pump bottle filled with all natural ingredients;

Saponified organic oils of, coconut, olive and jojoba, rosemary extract and aloe vera. That's all. 

This bottle will 4-6 months! A little goes a long way; only 1-2 pumps is all that needed to gently cleanse your sacred space. 

Our formula works best when diluted. Add a dime sized amount on hands, add a little water and cleanse. 

Makes a great yoni egg and yoni gem wash as well. 

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