Fire Quartz G-spot Yoni Wand

$ 42.99

Need a crystal sex toy that will not only send you to a place of inner glory and pleasure, but also spiritually balance your mind and body while doing so? Then our Fire Quartz Yoni Wand is just the ticket. Indulge in some much needed "you" time or introduce it to a friend, this crystal dildo will not only allow you to reach orgasmic heights, but it will realign anything that is stopping you from enjoying your sexual play. Release all inhabitations and get down and dirty with this must have Yoni wand.

Crystal Properties
Chakra: Root
Sing a new song into your life!  Fire Quarts stabilizes emotions and heals the old wounds, transforming negativity into the pure universal light of love.  It brings a unique clarity and understanding to the emotions, helping to understand the difference between an unconscious reaction and a conscious response. These stones sing a song into your life and bring music into your sacred vessel.  It’s fire brings a cooling effect that energizes the etheric body and kundalini energies, while boosting self confidence and self worth,  Fire Quartz brings clarity and understanding to the emotional life, calming anxieties, panic and hysteria.  Gather up your focus and ground scattered behaviors so you can complete your projects with this cooling stone!  Fire Quarts balances the yin-yang energies and is also a crystal of considerable power to facilitate deep understanding between lovers.

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