GIA Certified Yoni Eggs

Drilled Yoni Egg Kit

$ 1.99



Yoni egg string and chenille stems for drilled yoni eggs and jade eggs. 


  • Hemp string for drilled yoni eggs
  • Chenille stems for cleaning drill hole
  • Designed specifically for yoni egg use
  • Specs

    Length: 5 Feet

    Cleaning Stems: 3 Pieces


    Hemp string and chenille stems for drilled yoni egg kits.

    How to use

    Use 6 inches of string with drilled yoni eggs. Loop the string through the hole of the jade egg, tie a not at the base of the yoni egg and let the remaining string hang down for easy access to retrieve the egg or perform advanced yoni egg exercises.

    Use the chenille stem to slide through the drill hole during cleansing.  Move in and out with non harsh soapy water several times to keep drill hole clean.  

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