Bloodstone Yoni Eggs

$ 77.99

Allow your root chakra to blossom with Bloodstone and recover your youth with the ancient yoni egg practice. The Bloodstone yoni egg is an intense healing stone that invokes courage and helps you manifest a flow by accepting a change in energy fields. Handmade out of pure crystal and shaped specifically for the female vaginal area, these beautiful kegel eggs awaken your libido and strengthen your vaginal muscles to increase sensitivity during and enhance climax.

Get ready to feel the revitalizing energy each bloodstone crystal holds as it tones your most delicate and powerful muscles to reawaken a passion for love, relationships, and friendships. Bloodstone promotes harmony, adaptability and strength to assist you in approaching your partnerships in a more pleasurable way. This yoni egg is perfect for getting grounded and holding space to build a solid foundation for flourishing relationships.

  • Tones and strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Enhances kegel exercises
  • Increases natural lubrication
  • Heightens sensitivity and sensations
  • Supports PMS and menstrual symptons
  • Connect to your feminine energy and womb space
  • Womb healing/clearing
  • Orgasmic manifestation
Crystal Properties
Chakra: Root
Intuitively step into your unique power and flow with the admittance to the spiritual realms of your ancestors.  Bloodstone encourages brotherhood amongst all and is an intense healing stone of courage.  Step into your own flow by accepting the change in energy fields, recognizing the beneficial aspects of turmoil that often precede perfection.  Bloodstone grants the mastery of a renewed ‘now’ providing a revitalization of love, relationships, and friendships.  The energies of Bloodstone transmit practical and dispassionate guidance and counsel, that advance the application of harmony, adaptability and strength.  Demonstrate your inherent principled idealism, unselfishness, talents and creative efforts.  Bloodstone supports you in accessing the principles of mystical truths which transcend ordinary understanding.

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